#90 – Walls, Benches & Drops.


Adam – Precision.


It had been an interesting day of training overall, with a really good vibe from the guys and a tiring day of training resulting with sore muscles all round. There were a few new faces out today at the start of the session, friends of friends and some part timers  who all left for home after an hour or so of jumping with us. The main group of people training today were myself, Sam, Adam, Pyro, Danno, Jak, Mattski, Nim & Andy. We started off at Gray Walls vaulting the walls and also across the road at the church doing precision jumps between the walls there too.

Pyro had claimed he had done the big Gray Walls precision from the window ledge to the wall, which was shown most recently in a new solo video he had released. I say ‘claimed’ as many people were sceptical about this feat had done it. Even with the video evidence there, something was not right and it felt like some very clever, splicing and editorial work. While others didn’t question it in the slightest and chose to accept it, because why wouldn’t you? It was there in video evidence that he has done it, whether it was conveniently cut and blended with another just before the landing or not…

It was good to see Sam conquer the precision jump at the church today as in previous weeks he had managed to bail from being too scared to do it and subsequently bailed leaving a graze on his side from when he didn’t fully commit to the jump. We trained at the back of Trent University, where all the wooden benches were, vaulting them and getting plenty of repetitive photos of our movements. There was as always plenty of fooling around as can be seen in some of the shots with the guys trolling at certain points. One of the images of Jak I really like, which looks like he is walking on air as he is coming down from a running jump.


Zade (Me) – Speed Vault.


One of today’s challenges was doing a diving kong over the bench onto the smaller wooden seating area, and then slowly increasing the distance between them, which can be seen in the image of Jak doing the diving kong below in the photos. Mattski was out training too as the photo evidence shows, with speed vaults. Adam had some interesting ideas with handsprings and holding headstands if someone else wanted to do a move through his legs while he held one. He also did some flying kicks while jumping over the bench, which spurred others to try and clear the bench doing the same.

Andy was still getting to grips with turn vaults. It had been a while since he had last come training, he mainly did urban exploring and so that along with work took up most of his time. However, when he was free he did like to come out training with us for the most part. We walked around the back of the area going over to the high car park area, it had begun to rain and due to this one of the shots of Adam doing a downwards precision jump over the car park looked cool with a few of the rain sops being captured in the process.

It was only an April shower, even though we are nearly at the end of March. It didn’t rain long enough for anything to get wet thankfully. We made our long walk back up to Houses area. Training kong precisions, precision jumps, catleaps and other such movements. One of my last captures was of Adam doing an old school splits vault while pointing to the camera, another one of my favourite images of the day which can be seen below amongst the images.


Sam – Precision.


Mattski – Precision.


Zade (Me) – Diving Kong.


Pyro – Speed Vault.


Jak – Diving Kong.


Andy – Turn Vault.


Adam – Precision.


Adam – Headstand.


Mattski – Speed Vault.


Nim – Portrait.


Pyro – Bench Jump.


Zade (Me) – Speed Vault


Mattski – Speed Vault.


Adam – Dash Vault.


Jak – Precision.


Adam – Bench Jump.


Adam – Splits Vault.



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