#87 – Snow Showers in March?


Matt – Kong.


Today was a bitterly, cold of a day and there wasn’t that many people out training like previous weeks either. It ended up being myself, Jak, Matto and a few others, it is really surprising at how much it fluctuates. Thinking about it now though, maybe not with how cold it was with an equally cold wind blowing. I didn’t take many photos from the day due to it being so cold, the few I did take were later on in the day when we were training at Audo which I might add was looking mighty clean today, in fact brand new! The flooring had been sand blasted and it looked so clean as if the place had just been built, I guess they will blast the rest of the area too at a later date when it’s not the weekend. It looked so different and brighter than before, when the floor was all scummy and slippery from the moss and residue. One of the benches from the pub was in the middle of the area and so we practised some vaults over it, during which time the sky got darker and then began not to rain but hail and snow for a time!

It was complete madness, you don’t expect it to snow and hail in March! It was a lovely sight though and feeling that it may snow now or soon and settle, we can but hope. It wasn’t long before the hail turned to rain then went back to a sunny, clear sky with a rainbow before whiting out again. We moved over to the black metal bin in the area where we practised doing a kong precision over it to the steps. All you could hear was the clang of our hands hitting the bin as we flew over it, trying to land on the steps. Matt was the closest with his feet touching it, before landing one. I couldn’t get anywhere near until later on hitting the steps with my toes while my heels touched the floor. Jak was running from miles away curving around the pathway as he ran to get the speed for the distance of the kong, only to then stop all his momentum as soon as he vaulted the bin. It was a fun but infuriating challenge which kept us warm even if our hands were stinging from hitting the cold bin, over and over again.

We ended up calling it a day a little before four o’clock due to being so cold and the weather deciding to turn to rain and wetting the area through. I’m hoping it doesn’t turn into a winter wonderland before next weekend and that the weather warms up before then too as it’s getting annoying always being so cold while out training!


Jak – Speed Vault.


Jak – Speed Vault.


Jak – Kong Precision.


Jak – Kong Precision.


Matto – Kong Precision.


Matto – Kong Precision.



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