#86 – Small but Mighty.


Zade (Me) – Kong.


It was a beautiful Spring feeling day today. The sun was shining, it felt warmer than it had been the past few months and once again this weekend it was a small but dedicated group out training. Jak was out and on fire with his training, as was Flip and both wanted to achieve new things today, more so Jak who wanted to film some movements for a future video release. We started as we always did at the Gray Walls area where Jak was busy practising Reverse/ Barrel Vaults over them, since learning them he loves doing them very much. Jaws was out today too, along with Flip, Nimrod, Mattski and Becky who had joined them for today’s training session and who knows maybe she will even do some training too. It wasn’t too long before we moved over to the church area just down the road from Gray Walls, getting photos of the area, portrait shots and of people vaulting the walls and doing underbars.

I don’t know why but I quite like the church area of late for training and photos, as you can see I took some really nice images while we were there. One of my favourite images is of Nim doing a diagonal kong over one of the walls and his facial expression as he does it. While practising speed vaults, Jak somehow managed to misplace his hand on the edge of the wall while running full pelt at it and then went flying over as his hand slid off, nearly giving himself some facial reconstruction in the process as he landed. You’ll also see a double speed vault by Jak and Flip too which I thought looked cool, we did take a look at the stairwell across the car park although there wasn’t anything really to do there from what we could see. As well as the usual movement photos I captured some portrait shots too, some more funny than others like Flip doing a splits vault and the facial expression he is pulling as he is vaulting.

We decided to train at Crowne Plaza (formerly The Moat House) instead of training under the car park we decided to venture up the many flights of stairs of hell to the top floor of the car park. I couldn’t tell you how many flights there were but it didn’t half give you lactic acid in your legs by the time you reached the top, it felt like they had stopped working! The easier option would have been to use the rickety sounding lift, but with a few of us being scared of lifts we opted for the stairs instead. The first thing I remembered about the area from when we had been up here to check out the building across the road in [1] is that there wasn’t all that much to do here, but it was great from a photography point of view, with the skyscapes of the city. I took some photos of Jak doing underbars and then Flip pointed out I should take into consideration the crane in the background and then I let him get some shots to see what he meant.


Jak – Underbar.


A random diagonal shot worked well of Jak (seen above) and I’m still not sure if I liked Flip’s shot with the crane in the background being in shot, mainly due to the floor being out of the shot because I like to have most things within my shots. I always like to get the full movement in shot without shooting anything else which may or may not be in the background, it’s the way I like it and it was difficult to see it anyone else’s way in that respect. I like to use what worked and stick with that rather than experiment. The group shot which Nim took came out really funny in the natural, upstaged poses we were in, with so much going off in that singular moment. We made our way back down to the ground floor, some running down the steps as fast as possible which was some real cardio work as we slid our hands along the rails and jumped each flight of steps as we went in an attempt to beat the others in the slow, rickety, screeching lift down to the ground floor.

We went over to IBM to train and seeing as the only thing we could practise was precision jumps that is what we did many of, from the corner of the walls, to and from plant pots and even a few running precision jumps which felt awkward off the thinner than normal flower pot edges. I did managed to twinge my ankle slightly from taking off one, but it didn’t remain too sore and I was able to train as normal. We ended up moving to Houses area where Jak was practising Tic Tac catleaps, even though the take off had to be done with his unnatural foot which with Jak being very uncoordinated made it a hundred times harder for him to get his head around, much to our amusement. He ended up thinking too much about it and as he ran his foot slipped off the edge of the wall and he went colliding into the fall. He also spent some time blasting the kong precisions, nailing the fist and second levels of them perfectly. They looked big, what with Jak being so small but what was more impressive was him doing the one which was about as tall as himself.


Random Shot.


We took a walk back down to the place with the wooden fence, and practised some Tic Tac Precisions off the side of the building, which was quite easy for myself and Flip with us being tall and it didn’t make it look as impressive as when Jak did them and was able to fully out stretch. We spent some time vaulting the wooden fence again, doing some cannonball kongs, you can see in a few of the shots the imprints in the grass which were getting deeper and more muddy each time we visited the area. Jaws did a running diagonal jump over the stair set and wooden fence which I thought was a nice image, as was the one of Jak jumping off the wall the other side of the area. A little further down we checked out a library which had some low walls to use. A kong precision was a nice movement to try even if it felt a tad high, Jak’s face in the image of Flip doing the k2p is priceless. Speaking of which when Jak did give it a few goes he slipped on some of the plants and went tumbling over the wall, it really wasn’t his day today as he had bailed quite a few times. There really wasn’t much else and we checked around the rest of the building where there was only a strange tree which we climbed in before leaving for the University area.

While walking down to Trent University, I took a nice gloomy image of the grave yard, with the sun setting through the trees and then we took a detour to the Premier Inn before reaching the university. We said to Jak it would be cool if he scaled the roof and then jumped off it for a photo, he was reluctant at first but then came round to the idea. As he climbed up and jogged along to the edge, he shouted back it was too high and scary while Flip said to do it anyway for footage and a photo as it will look cool. So he got ready then ran along and jumped off the roof, landing with a Parkour roll. It would have looked cool if he had jumped off further, rather than it being more like a static drop straight down. We didn’t stay out too much longer, maybe a bit of training at the rails before calling it a day.


Jak – Underbar.


Jak – Underbar.


Zade (Me) – Running Precision.


Jak – Running Catleap.


Jak – Kong Precision.


Flip – Tic Tac.


Zade (me) – Tic Tac Precision.


Jaws – Lazy Vault.


Zade (Me) – Kong.


Jaws – Side Vault.


Jak – Kong.


Jak – Roof Jump.


Jak – Reverse Vault.


Jak – Reverse Vault.


Jak – Portrait.


Jaws – Portrait


Flip – Portrait.


Nim – Portrait.


Nim – Cross Vault.


Jak – Speed Vault.


Jaws – Speed Vault.


Jak – Speed Vault.


Jak – Lazy Vault.


Jaws – Speed Vault.


Becky – Portrait.


Flip – Splits Vault.


Jak – Underbar.


Mattski – Kong.


Zade (Me) – Kong.


Zade (Me) – Kong.


Jak, Jaws, Zade (Me) & Flip.


Jak – Same Level Kong.


Jak – Portrait.


Mattski – Portrait.


Jak – Kong Precision.


Jak – Kong Precision.


Jak – Kong Precision.


Jak – Jump to roll.


Jaws – Jump to roll.


Jak – Kong Precision.


Flip – Kong Precision.


Jaws – Portrait.




Random Steps



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