#81 – Return of Sick Ed.


David – Back Tuck.


Recently David had been absent from training during the festive period, he had also been on holiday for two weeks in Benidorm, Spain. You forget how long two weeks is when I know when I have been on holiday for a fortnight I get bored after the first week normally. While he was in Spain he had enjoyed the lovely humidity and warm sun unlike our cold winter here in the UK. He had captured an image of him doing a back tuck off the edge of the beach front into the sand as seen above. He had enjoyed being there and having an object for doing tricks off into the sand too, even if after the first couple of days it had caused him to pull his abdominals so much so that he couldn’t do much else for the rest of the first week. He spoke about how there wasn’t really a Parkour scene there from what he had seen, bar a few local kids taking an interest in what he was doing when vaulting and flipping around. Though he was afraid of getting shot by the police or arrested for jumping around if they didn’t understand what it was and so he was reluctant to do much in public just to be safe.

Today Adam and Chris were back again for some more Parkour tomfoolery. I liked how effortless Adam did his backflips and so I took a few images of him doing them. He didn’t tuck or use his arms while doing them most of the time just brought his knees to his chest and looked like he was sitting on an invisible chair as he went round as seen by the images. We were looking at how it would be possible to scale the white building near the gray walls and Adam stepped up to having a try by doing a pop wall climb, grabbing the small square block that acted as a ledge. It took some doing but he got it in the end, while others tried to use the corner of the building to see if that gave any more of an easy access to the roof. There wasn’t much up there from what Adam could see and the second thought of the day was going to be how could he get back down? The same way he go up was one option but he didn’t want to faff around using that and coming down backwards so he chose the most obvious and easiest method, jumping off the roof back to the ground… Taking the height drop like a trooper, leaving some deep impression marks in the grass too.


Adam – Height Drop.


Some of the guys were practising wall spins on the nearby tree and Adam wanted to learn the same move and so we taught him how to go about training for the movement and he got it pretty much straight off the bat. Since Adam always doing some tricking it got a few others wanting to do the same, Aaron wanted to do some but only if he was to be spotted. Being a tall guy that he was, I felt it intimidating to spot him in case I couldn’t. Adam helped spot him though and he didn’t need that much of an assistance, he was naturally good at them. Another move of the day was front handsprings which Jak was practising over the wall in front of the church across the road, Aaron also did some and this made Adam want to attempt some. He has never tried any before and true to form was up for trying, running full pelt into the movement and just about scrapping over with his arms bent as he did the move, looking like he might give out as he went over himself. Flip was out today though not training, he was going to the cinema later on with Lleah and so was in normal clothing as seen in one of the photos.

We ended up at the Blue Rails area where Jak recreated some classic movements of weaving in and out of the bike rails over and under with lazy vaults. We practised some rail precisions on the rails which were now starting to age and wobble and buckle as we landed on them. I’m pretty sure soon one of them will snap off completely with a heavy impact! I quite like the image I captured of Adam spotting Chris to do some more back tucks on the grass of Saint Nicholas’ church, it has a certain behinds the scenes feel to it. You see all these shots of people training and doing jumps but you don’t really see all that many of people talking to each other, chilling and working out. Something I really should try to capture more of instead of the constant portrait shots I seem to acquire so much of. Some of the guys were practising dive rolls from the slight raised wall to the grassy area while getting more muddy in the process.


Sick Ed – Sideflip.


The legend that is Sick Ed (Mike) had arrived (he had not been out for ages and was slowly disappearing from the Parkour scene). He was wearing some very oversized training gear too, which were Sticky’s (Johnny) from UF’s which he had passed over to Mike from helping him do some teaching classes. Mike true to form was still as sick as ever, busting standing sideflips and high back tucks on the concrete. He spoke about getting back into training as he wanted to, but wasn’t too sure if he would or not yet. The most impressive thing he did was a standing gainer off one of the tombstones, controversial I know depending on your outlook and morels on such things. He said he would do it and stood there counting down with the classic ‘3…2…1..’ before jumping in the air doing a perfectly tucked gainer and landing below. He said that is the highest thing he had done one off so far, but wanted to do one of the phone box near Gray Walls to step things up seeing as many people had done a back tuck off it which was a trademark of Mike’s.

The day ended as it always did with us training in Urine Nation (UN) where Adam, Banham and a few others were practising catleaps on the small house thing next to the area, while encouraging others to give it a go and build up their confidence. The day always seems to slow down once we hit UN and there wasn’t much else happening apart from me trying to replicate an old school [image] I got of Mike back in the early days of training, this time the shot being different but still worked nicely. I would really love to get one with the sun in shot completely but then it would be more of a silhouette image.


Chris – Spotted Back Tuck.


Flip, Lleah, Sick Ed & Sam.


Adam – Back Tuck.


Adam – Back Tuck.


Adam – Back Tuck.


Adam – Scaling.


Adam – Portrait.


Martyn – Portrait.


Jak – Wall Spin.


Aaron – Back Tuck.


Aaron – Back Tuck.


Martyn – Portrait.


Jak – Front Handspring.


Jak – Front Handspring.


Aaron – Front Handspring.


Adam – Front Handspring.


Adam – Front Handspring.


Adam – Dive Roll.


Adam – Dive Roll.


Flip – Portrait.


Jak – Lazy Vault.


Sick Ed – Portrait.


Sick Ed – Gainer.


Sick Ed – Gainer.


Adam – Climbing.


Adam – Catleap.


Sick Ed – Wallflip.


Sick Ed – Wallflip.



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