#80 – Doncaster Adam.


Chris & Adam – Portrait.


It was a fairly dry day today and nowhere near as as cold as it has been, though it still remained to have a bit of a chill when the wind blew through the area. We had two new comers this weekend, Adam and his friend Chris (seen above) who were both from Doncaster and had travelled down by car to train with us. Adam had been looking for groups or a somewhere to go and practice Parkour/Freerunning with other like minded people and had come across our website and decided to come along to our weekend jam as it only took them forty minutes and there was nothing locally for them to attend. They were both older compared to most of us who trained, Adam was very brash and could also do a backflip and had no problem giving things a try instantly. Chris was the opposite and remained quiet, and had more fear with movements and bared a likeness to Paddy McGuinness. They were quite the comedy duo at times and what was even stranger about the day was how Adam had only come in his zip hoodie and was bare chested underneath, admitting he had been out on the lash the night before and so was still a bit hung over and when he had woke up he just put on the first thing he could fine before waking up and dragging Chris along so he could make it to the jam meet up on time.

The marvellous Flx had graced us with his presence again, and this time he seemed to be injury free and eager to jump and train with the rest of us. I only hope his injury doesn’t get aggravated by his training or like most injuries they trick you into a false sense of recovery for it only to be of a façade. Speaking of the comedy duo while we trained at the Gray Walls, Adam was attempting to get Chris to do backtucks unaided. Adam would spot him, throwing him over and Chris was getting them if landing low and crouched from the slow rotation. One of the attempts doing them himself after being egged on by Adam he landed on his knees and face planted the floor without even putting his hand out to stop it from happening, the strangest and funniest thing I had seen in quite some time. This didn’t stop him from trying them though, even if he wanted to be spotted more now. People vaulted the walls, some did tricking out of the ones who could and everyone was having a good time.


Martyn – Pop Vault.


We trained at the church across the road from the Gray Walls, looking for new challenges and places to train at, some scaled the outside of building, which I gather is university flats? The wall which had small ledges making you able to scale across it at different heights. While the rest practised some 360º and general underbars through a nearby railings, which was harder to go through without getting tangled up and being able to do it in a smooth and less time consuming manner. Some of the guys practised precision jumps on the wall round the front of the area, somehow Sam had managed to slip while jumping up onto the wall and as his feet slipped off he had impaled himself on the wall with his side before bouncing off to the floor, giving him a friction burn/bruise from the incident. Flx had suggested looking at the bigger jump from the next further along ledge on the wall which he thought was possible. I remember a few of the guys doing it as a running precision and then Flx trying it at the side on the floor in preparation. I also recall him bouncing off the wall though can’t remember if he did it standing or as a running jump, a fact I’m sure he will be able to inform and correct me on.

We moved down to Bilbie Walk choosing to train on the blue rails there, doing climb ups, pop vaults, 360º wallhops among other movements. Some went down to the higher wall further along the area, to practice pop wall climbs and catleaps off the rail. Both are good areas to train as a beginner or an advanced practitioner. Frenchy was out training today and this was one of his first training sessions with us, I forget just how feeble as humans we are when first starting out training quest. For instance Frenchy found it incredibly difficult to hold onto the blue rail for long periods of time if not for a few seconds. We all start off in the same boat and over time things become easier as strength, muscle and such things increase. It makes you appreciate training so much more when you see others learning and struggling and how far you, yourself have come with training. A few portraits and more training before we moved down to the other blue rails outside the university building and moving down and around the whole building structure training as we went.


Flx – Lache Precision.


I got my camera back out when we were at a tree closest to the Arkwright Building where Flx was jumping from a wall to the tree, swinging on a branch and then coming back as a lache precision to the wall. Further up the road Jak was showing us how he had lost his back tucks and how horrible they currently were, back to how they used to be where he was nearly hitting his head. Adam’s weren’t too dissimilar while doing them off walls, though they tried to help each other and amend them. The subject of how he had learnt to do them in the first place had cropped up, Adam told us that he was willing to try anything once and one day while in the forces one of the guys who could do them got him to try one with some spotting and after a few goes he was getting around and has been doing them ever since. We kept pestering Marytn to try one off the wall too but he had a serious phobia of them again to dares try one, for fear of injury.

I kept taking portrait images of Flx who seemed to be getting increasingly annoyed with me always capturing him, as you can see in the portrait shot of him near the end of the set pointing at me with a frown. He kept doing other such poses each time I would get ready to shoot in aid of trying to wreck the shot. We made our way to the local newsagents and then over to the Moat House (currently known these days as Crowne Plaza) area for a bit more training before moving to a few more locations and shortly afterwards calling it a day. I had put my camera away at this point as it was getting cold, dark and I needed to move around to remain warm. Like most days though nearer the end of the session you feel the cold the most, things slow down and then most people want to call it a day and leave for home.


Sam’s Scrape.


Parkour Hotspot – Crowne Plaza.


Flx – Portrait.


Flx – Portrait.


Flx – Precision.


Adam – Portrait.


Chris – Portrait.


Martyn – Precision.


Pyro – Portrait.


Flx – Precision.


Flx – Portrait.


Jak – Climb Up.


Frenchy – Hanging.


Flx – Portrait.


Flx – Portrait.


Adam – Kong.



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