#79 – Low Expectancies.


Zade (Me) – Running Precision.


So Christmas and New Year have passed and we welcomed 2006 with open arms. Another year passes, many of the events forgotten about, unless you blog like myself. We hadn’t trained the first weekend of the year, and the second one had passed yesterday which had the usual people out training. I had a few people who had an interest in Parkour and had contacted me via MSN to ask for information about where we train and when. I said they are more then welcome to come to one of our weekly open training sessions on Saturday. Due to other commitments they could do Sunday. I arranged to met them and a few other people for training Sunday even though we were tired from Saturday’s jumping around. We arranged to meet at 1pm and while we waited for the newbies to arrive we moved over to Gray Walls to warm up. The time was getting on and it seemed like the guys were going to be no shows, which was annoying as they assured me they would come out today.

Needless to say they didn’t attend and there is nothing worse than waiting for someone and being stood up without any communication or reason of them not being able to make it. This had quickly killed my mood for training as I didn’t want to be out in the first place and had only came out for their sake and now I was and they had not shown I was even more irate. I could have been chilling at home, editing videos or photos and recovering from training the day before. I wouldn’t have minded if they had chosen to be out on our main training day as a Saturday is our weekly session and had they not turned up as regular as that happens with new people, I wouldn’t have minded as I would be out anyway. It was myself, Flip and Nimrod out and so we decided to move up to the houses where I snapped someĀ  images of the area so people got a feel of how it looked and what could be done there.

We ended up doing the standing precision jumps, trying to stick it which proved very difficult today. That or because we were already tired may have been a contributing factor it seems like an impossible task trying to stick the jump no matter how hard we tried. We then tried to do some running precision jumps, not having much more luck with those, totally overpowering ourselves with the forward momentum catapulting us off the wall as we landed. We felt pretty unmotivated and it was only half past two and with that we decided to call it a day and leave, I was eager to learn why those guys didn’t turn up and give them a bollocking for standing us up too.

It wasn’t until I got home that they said they wasn’t sure if it was us who were training and they were too afraid to come over and ask if we were the guys, even though we were in Parkour clothing… Idiots!


Parkour Hotspot – Houses.


Parkour Hotspot – Houses.


Parkour Hotspot – Houses.


Parkour Hotspot – Houses.


Parkour Hotspot – Houses.


Zade (Me) – Precision.


Flip – Running Precision.



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