#77 – Mansfield.


Parkour Hotspot – The Caves.


It was back to Mansfield again today, in hope of having another great session before returning back in the spring when the weather would be kinder to us than this winter rubbish. It was a rather gloomy and rainy day on our train journey over, making things wet with and a cold wind didn’t make things much better as we made our way to the Caves area. After a few minutes of being in the area two police officers walked past which worried me about us having our names taken down or getting moved on, they were nice enough and spoke to Sark before carrying on their patrol route. Freemo had taken a liking to Sark’s Hexagon hoodie and decided to wear it as he was feeling cold, he loved how warm it kept him and even liked the colour too. Once he had put it on he didn’t take it off until the end of the day, it made me laugh as red suited him surprisingly, more so than the rest of us and I’m surprised Sark got it back at all!

A few Photos of Freemo doing the downwards precision over the walls, some serious and not so serious portrait photos later and we felt like the day was already over. As you can see by a few of the photos of us loitering around the area, we were trying to think of new movements to try in the area. We extended the precision over the middle wall and made it further down where it was longer distance wise and scarier as the drop was taken out of the equation. Another movement was a diagonal catleap in the corner of the area, which felt really bizarre and fun to do . It’s not everyday you jump into a catleap like that with legs and arms alike spread, it also hurt the shoulders and groin area. We decided to visit the flats area a little down the road from where we were for some more training. There were lots of cars parked but a single space empty, which was good as there was a wall just after which we could dash vault over and use the parking space to roll on after hitting the floor.

I got a few images of Sark doing a dash vault over it which looked good and then a couple of Freemo doing a kong over the wall, even though each time he did a kong we would flinch due to seeing him bail on various occasions from them. I wish I could recall more from this day but since I put my camera away so I could focus on training to stop me from being cold t was all rather undocumented. Images are great for recounting the events and without them it’s hard to scour the memory for those facts and events that occurred.




Freemo – Precision.


Parkour Hotspot – The Caves.


Sark – Dash Vault.


Freemo – Portrait.


Sark – Portrait.


Flip – Portrait.


Sark – Dash Vault.


Freemo – Kong.


Freemo – Kong.



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