#76 – Danno, Jak and Night.


Zade (Me) – Handstand.


Today we had a good turnout to say it’s December and the winter time is well upon us. Jak was out along with Hodgeo and Mattski who were helping Jak film for his new winter video he had plans on releasing soon. Jak also brought along with him a friend he had met and trained with in gymnastics called Danno. He had mentioned him in the past about how cool he was and that he would come out to one of our training sessions when he was free. Today was one of those days and it was cool to meet an older practitioner eager to learn and be as good as us, the simplest of movements astounded him and he was very easy to talk to and teach. Danno was a very down to earth, and happy-go-lucky guy who seemed to possess a gift of not ageing, even though he was much older than all of us he didn’t look it. Over the years he has remained youthful even in the photos I have captured of him, I’ll certainly have some of what he is drinking to remain as youthful. Danno and Jak also had an inside joke with each other in which Jak jokes about Danno being his dad and it’s amazing how many people would believed it in gym and even Parkour training.

Again the downside to training in winter is the running snot noses, a constant stream and trail off the lips and face. That and the tensing up of muscles, especially in the shoulders area which would ache and remain sore days later. While doing a few aerials off the wall I could feel my abdominal and leg muscles stretching as I did the movement and landed, slightly pulling them. It’s always a horrible feeling knowing you are cold and not being able to get warm no matter how much you run around, stretch and try to warm up and stay warm. I guess with our training and doing moves in short bursts and in breaks between where we have stopped we start to cool down again and so the battle of trying to remain warm is one that we don’t always win. Reverse vaults and Barrel vaults were another movement which we all practised today, trying to keep the legs locked as we vaulted over the wall. It felt awkward at first and then got easier over time, some people had it looking nicer with their legs than others. On one of the attempts I managed to land and fall over onto my arse from the motion onto the very cold and wet grass, yuk!


Jak – Precision.


We moved down to the church area where Jak wanted to do the precision at the entrance there which was of a significant distance for him and his precision length. Jak has always been rather small and remains to be, whether that will change as he gets older time will tell. Due to this he struggles with precision jumps and the distances which others can do, even though he is good at flow, general training and now gymnastic type movements. So when he stood there the precision looked massive in person and the images (like the one seen above). I don’t know who was more impressed with the jump Jak, while doing his victory dance or the rest of us who were amazed he managed to make a jump being so small… Either way very well done to him achieving this and this is the beginning of him wanting to do more precision based jumps, which his training lacks at the moment.

Sick Ed was out today even though wasn’t training himself, he had brought a friend along with him who wanted to get into training and so he came along with Mike to see where we met and trained and to get introduced to us all. He was a fast learner and had some giant jumping power as a whole, he learnt palm spins after a matter of minutes, with some decent commitment over time he will be very good. He also wanted to be able to do flips like Mike too. We moved across the road to Bilbie Walk where we did some running jumps over the rail trying to get some good air posture photos, not too long after I put my camera away for the day due to it being so damn cold and wanting to train to remain warm.

I got the last images from the end of the day when it was dark and we were at the Nottingham Castle area. I wanted a photo of a handstand while in the shadows and lighting of the area there, it made for some cool shadow puppets too. The Robin Hood statue was lit up by the bright lights and after a few attempts at handstands I put my camera away before leaving for home. I hope to see Danno out at more training sessions as having older people to train with is always great fun and just goes to show it’s not a young man’s game as the saying does. People that are older than ourselves have a different mindset and outlook to training. He mentioned in the future he will be returning to the army for another tour and so hasn’t got all that long here but wishes to carry on with training until he has to go back.


Jak – Precision.


Parkour – Hotspot – Bilbie Walk.


Parkour Guys.


Jak – Portrait.


Zade (Me) – Aerial.


Zade (Me) – Reverse Vault.




Danno – Portrait.


Zade (Me) – Air Posture.


Jak – Air Posture.


Castle Area.



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