#75 – Hexing it Up.


Sark – Kong.


It wasn’t until Saturday that Sark was out again and seeing as there were very few people out training we decided to break away into our Hex group members and Chez joined us as he didn’t want to be left with the newbies who he didn’t know. Sark loved his new, bright red hexagon hoodie and we stood out like sore thumbs amongst the gray concrete and walls of the NCP car park, you certainly wouldn’t miss us against the urban jungle. We had chosen to train there as others wouldn’t use that area for training, most hated areas with very little to do for their skill level and more so one which catered for advanced movements. The only think which got confusing was due to us all being in similar jogging bottoms and all wearing the same tops it was hard looking back through the images and knowing who was who on my small screen of the camera.

I don’t know why but Sark was rocking some old jogging bottoms which seemed to be rather tight and small for him which made him look like a cyclist in the portrait image of him. I do like the top of UN car park, the walls are slightly high and are also grainy which makes your hands slid along them at times when vaulting, it’s good practice though to think when we first ventured up here everything was so big and difficult to do. We also used to be afraid to walk along the walls due to the height as well as doing the precision jumps. Most of our time was spent up here training and then later in the day when it was getting dark we ventured over to the university area where we did some tic tac precisions off the book shop wall to some steps.

Flip was out training although he opted to be the cameraman as he was feeling tired and his knees were feeling a bit dodgy and so he took it easy, this tic tac precision felt cool and I have no idea why we had not seen or tried it before. It felt good to do apart from when your foot would slip off the take off wall or down the book shop wall at times due to the moisture in the cold air. You could feel it as you breathed and ran along doing movements, two of my favourite images of the day are of Chez’s close up portrait which stunned him due to me using the flash and Sark doing a Tic Tac precision. His facial expression says it all, a I’m not going to make this captain or a general dislike to being flashed by the camera as he tried to do a movement as it caused a temporary blindness.

Either way today I hadn’t taken as many photos as I usually would due to being cold, wanting to keep moving and keep warm and the dark, early nights drawing in. It was a a slow, Saturday but nevertheless it was good to be out as always.


Parkour Hotspot – NCP Car Park.


Zade (Me) – Kong.


Zade (Me) – Kong.


Zade (Me) – Kong.


Chez – Portrait.


Zade (Me) – Tic Tac Precision.


Flip – Tic Tac Precision.


Sark – Portrait.


Sark – Portrait.


Zade (Me) – Kong.


Zade (Me) – Kong.


Sark – Precision.


Sark – Precision.


Zade – Precision.


Zade – Precision.


Sark – Tic Tac Precision.



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