#74 – Hexified.


Flip – Portrait.


Today we had decided to go out for our usual Tuesday Hexagon training session, that and myself and Flip had to pop by the printers near the ice stadium to collect our Team Hexagon hoodies. Which was one of the main reasons for coming out, even if Sark wasn’t available. The team was slowly forming, even if we hadn’t fully worked out who would be in the team apart from myself, Flip and Sark. The logo, clothing and website was all coming together nicely. We headed over to collect the hoodies and loved the logo on the clothing, though seeing the bright, outlandish red we had chosen to wear made us wonder if it was a good choice to have in the first place now. Either way we wanted to be bold and seen with what we were doing and red seemed like the perfect colour for this. Even Chez was amazed at the choice and was quick to point out we will look like dicks being so bright. He hadn’t been out for ages and so it was good to see him out and actually be excited about training again, though it will be seen to whether he does do any training.

The plan was to session UN (Urine Nation) for some promotional images of the team (myself and Flip), which could be used for the website and to get the team pages sorted too. The day was feeling cold once again, the crates which were in the area previous had been destroyed and broken up and what was left could only be described as a wardrobe dismantled and looked some of it had been used as a small skateboard ramp. We used a couple of the pieces to land on while doing some Tic Tacs of the pillars in the area and tried a few shots using the flash of my camera, which didn’t go according to plan. The setting sun made for some nice ambience in the photos, the weather didn’t seem to know what it wanted too do. It wasn’t your typical December weather at all as it looked sunny, then would go cloudy and look like a summer storm, slightly rain with a rainbow before going back to sunny and dry.


Flip – Tic Tac.


Chez expressed he would like to get back into training again, but due to the people and the scene changing so much his enjoyment had dwindled and it felt more like a chore and forced, which he didn’t like. I quite liked the colours of the shots I got today the red tops really stood out from the dark blacks and greens of the area. Like I have said before, soon as the dark nights draw in I doubt I shall be taking as many images until the spring time. As we were training two rather intimidating chavs came walking though the area with the gangster limp, full tracksuit and everything else, which goes with their culture. I wasn’t too sure if to be worried about being robbed or stabbed but thankfully they knew Flip and worked at the same place so had a chat with him before being on their way. I also took an image of them while they were talking to Flip which can be seen below.

Flx had mentioned that he might be able to get a piece about Parkour in his local student newspaper they have and that he was thinking of creating a Parkour society for people of the university, so they know how to get into training if and when they wanted. The image of that is shown below, and it did generate some interest and also made the students aware of our community and how to get involved. I do remember that creating a society was a long and committing process which Flx hadn’t got the time to set up and maintain, even if it was a great idea initially. It’s an interesting thought though as we do get a few guys who come to join training while at university, but not that many as you think though. I’m sure there would be a big interest for training from practitioners to people who wanted to give it a try. It’s something I’ve never really consider as I don’t know of many people currently at university, apart from Flx and the demand there would be for the sessions or the complications which would go with them.

Another cold winter’s day of training and a few hours of being out in the elements while donning our new clothing line.


Parkour Hotspot – Urine Nation.


Chez – Side Vault.


Flip – Lazy Vault.


Newspaper Article.


Chez – Portrait.


Flip – Tic Tac.


Flip – Tic Tac


Zade (Me) -Tic Tac.


Chez – Turn Vault.


Flip – Portrait


Flip – Portrait.





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