#68 – Freemasons.


Freemo - Lache.


It was another Tuesday training session for myself, Flip, Freemo and Sark. It was also the start of November and the weather was now looking and feeling more wintery by the moment, the leaves were a yellowish/orange, the ground was always wet, with the days drawing in sooner while the morning of each day would be mist covered. Yet on this day of our choosing the sun had come out to let us play and have our weekday fun. I’m glad the sun was out as it took away the cold edge while having the sun rays shining on us, our breath vapours could be seen as we ran, vaulted and jumped around. Our hands tingling, feeling the cold, ceasing up at times when being motionless, only to feel the sharp throbbing pain when we would slap them against a cold feeling wall as we vaulted. We decided to revisit a familiar spot from our earlier ‘Team Hex‘ training session last month to show and get Freemo to try the tree lache over the fence.

We decided to get Freemo introduced with the movement and get him doing a few of them like we had before, in a way testing him to be on the same level as us. In many ways Freemo reminded us of David who was also a silent guy, even his style of Parkour was similar. Freemo would move stiff and robotic like, landing heavy footed with most of his movement, he even bailing with luck and randomness like David, if we ever needed a replacement we would know who to call! We all gave the tree lache ago again, it felt much easier this time round and I was able to kick over the fence and out of it so I landed in a running stance, rather than crouched like previously. We moved up to an area we called the ‘Flats’ due to the housing estate which were mainly of… You’ve got it flat residence. We practised some upwards precision jumps on the wall and then attempted some kongs over the same wall. This was made worse by the mud which was wet and the more we ran across it, vaulted the wall the looser the soil became and stuck to our trainers and came off onto the wall too. On one occasion when Freemo who wasn’t the best at doing kongs was attempting them over the wall but somehow ended up vaulting the wall overbalanced, face first and just managed to get his legs to the ground before having to dive roll onto the grass in front.

We ended up making our way back through town and at the benches outside of the Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem again. Precision jumping between them and me mainly getting portrait shots of Freemo and Sark. Today we were clocking up our miles walking back and forth from one end to the other side of the city. I don’t recall how or why but we ended up at the Orange Walls and with the darkness drawing in we had yet more portrait shots. I also did some filming as well as getting some tricking in before it was too dark to see what I was doing. I was trying to force myself to do an aerial off one of the small orange walls, it was pretty big step up for me personally. It felt like I had to really lunge to get my foot on it and even then I felt I wouldn’t get enough push from my other leg for my aerial and would end up eating the floor with my face, maybe even breaking my hands from the drop if I put them down. When I finally got the courage to do one after much jeering it felt the total opposite and gave me more height than I needed, feeling great to fly into the dankness and also slipping on the wet leaves and grass in the process. It was also one of my favourite images of the day too which is shown below as the last image.


Flip - Portrait.


Zade (Me) - Lache.


Freemo - Portrait.


Freemo - Kong.


Freemo - Portrait.


Sark - Portrait.


Freemo - Portrait.


Flip - Portrait.


Sark - Portrait.


Zade (Me) - Portrait.


Sark - Portrait.


Zade (Me) - Aerial.



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