Zade 2005 Teaser.


Sick Ed & Zade (Me) – Portrait.


Back in the days before YouTube created a high definition (HD) option, long before high quality 720 and 1080p videos were being produced and are now mainstream. The quality of  a video production was more 240p and 360p as some of you may remember from the old French Parkour videos. Most videos were created within the basic program of Windows Movie Maker on your home computer. It’s crazy to think that the quality has gone through the roof, along with every man and his dog owning DSLR cameras. The standard of video productions these days is high, where everything has to be perfect, shot wise, editing and grading wise with lots of special effects and equipment. So far, from in the early days of training when it was all about mini DV camcorders and having content there for people to watch.

The days before such moves as diving kongs, kong precisions, double kongs, 360 cats, muscle ups and such other movements became widely known and mainstream. None of those movements had even been seen or heard of at the time of my video being produced. If I could turn back time, I would advise myself the importance of what to train. So much time was wasted being self taught, while others in the present day get things within minutes due to all the experience around them. The old days of training, when it consisted of basic precision jumps, catleaps and other single movements. Before tricking and flips became a thing and integrated into training and the debates between what Freerunning and Parkour became a thing. Oh how the movement scene will and has evolved over the years.



  • I wanted the video to be bold, hence the adrenaline pumped music from The Prodigy.
  • The height drop from the stairwell was scary.
  • The yellow rail was higher than it looks.
  • I like to aerial…
  • 360 Wallhops were a thing, my thing, like aerials.
  • Jumping a car, added danger!
  • When doing a run through a car park, watch out for incoming cars!
  • Slowmo big jumps to make them seem bigger and more impressive.
  • There can never be too many basic vaults.
  • Being thin makes you seem taller, win genetics.
  • Hope the tree branch doesn’t snap when doing move, or my own arm branches…
  • Rail precisions, scary as fuck, no matter how big or small they are!
  • I have really long Orangutan arms, uncool genetics.
  • Dash vaults can be powerful, unlike my front tucks.
  • Lots of impacts, my knees will cry in the future.


I remember when I first began training, I didn’t even own a proper camera [1] and instead was taking photos on a disposable one, having to have them developed into photos. I did invest in a camcorder which I already had long before I started Parkour and was used to film my videos. I later went through a few other mini DV camcorders, as they didn’t really last that long, no matter what brand they were. I got my first DSLR camera the Christmas of 2004 [2] having no idea if it was good or not, taking the word of the store assistant. I hadn’t even got editing software such as Premiere Pro, Sony Vegas or anything else to edit video on apart from Windows Movie Maker, which we all know sucks! Oh and then, if you had more than a minute of footage it would constantly crash…

As shocking as the quality of the video above is, it was about getting content out there to be seen, more than the high quality of the video. Which looking at it now, with the present day mindset, it makes you shudder. I wished I had exported it with maximum quality, and had a camcorder which could film in higher quality. Parkour videos had just started to crop up on the internet (at least here in the UK) and I had a hunger to get my own production started, but found it hard to film and edit. Hence lot of the shots being shaky and hand held, as well as the edit being basic drag, drop and cut. Rather than blending them all nicely from one scene to the next as seen in modern day videos.


Zade (Me) – Turn Vault.


Gosh, I remember filming clips every so often while out training, storing them on the computer awaiting to edit them. Slowly filming the best things for a video, or at least the things I felt would look good for a video. I also felt really awkward filming myself, it felt strange to do such a thing and the public would stop and watch, expecting something spectacular. I remember training in those terrible combat, cargo pants and those tracksuit bottoms which would tear on occasions if you stretched them too far with tic tacs and such movements. They have made a come back in the tricking world in recent years. Oh and if you are reading this years down the line, just look how thin I used to be. I was an actual skeletal being, it looks horrible when I look back now and how I was able to move around and not snap during training I have no idea…

Moves such as 60 wallhops were not something which are done much now, but between 2005 – 2007 they were a popular choice by many. I also included a few aerials in the video which I had recently learnt and was quite proud of them. More so after I got them on concrete too, featured in the video as well as doing one down steps! I used to call them falling with style and felt quite special that only I could do them within the community. I remember my training and videos seemed to always consist of precision jumps, catleaps, underbars oh and again, aerials more than any other movements. But, you got to practise what you are good at, right?! The video I made as a teaser before I released a full video, I wanted to release a proper video in 2006. So when this was released in the autumn of 2005 it gave me time to think, progress and get preparing for the next best things…



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