#67 – Hexus.


David – Precision.


It was a Sunday afternoon and myself, David and Flip decided to go out for some more Parkour after yesterdays training session didn’t go how we had pictured it and we wasn’t even tired like normal and so wanted to train and feel worked like usual. We started off at Gray Walls area doing a few basic vaults and palm spins to get warmed up before moving down to the church area. This was a place we always passed on our way to other locations but never trained on it, apart from the odd newbie who would do a precision on the wall. We decided to drill the same precision jump between the entrance to the church and for some different scenery for photos, we did the precisions both running and standing. I love it when I am able to capture photos in new areas as it makes them feel fresh and the same can be said even a differently captured angle in the same over used areas too. We moved down to the blue bike rails area just outside of one of the university buildings, doing a few kong vaults over the rails for photos and some rail balancing and precision jumps between the bike rails.

One thing I have noticed when giving David the camera to take Parkour shots is, not only does he take good shots as instructed, but if I let him take ones of his own desire he takes really artistic angles and has a keen eye for things which I would otherwise not think of taking or see myself. So I think in future I shall have to let him freelance more with the camera. Flip also has a different eye for things too and takes great images. It’s funny how we all have our set ways of seeing things through the lens and each person adds there own unique touch to the images. We moved back up to the Gray Walls area where we practised diving kongs over the walls and Flip suggested doing some over the green electricity boxes while landing and vaulting over the gray wall. I really do hate diving kongs as I cannot arch my body at all to gain any sort of height unlike Flip and David (as you can see in the images below) this is very frustrating, if anything else and it hurts my wrists too from the downward impacts.

We bumped into Nam and a few others later on in the day who had also came to train the same area. I got a few shots of his newly acquired skill of being able to aerial off objects, something only I had been able to do for a long time. Now someone else can do them too, I must say they are nicely executed too even if he does land unsteadily and off balance as of yet. Nam also when doing them off the wall prefers to run to the edge then diagonally do the aerial off the wall, seems a strange way to do them but it works for him, so who am I to question. He also showed us how he has learnt to double leg on the flatland too. Today was nice to get out of the house, drill a few basis movement and have some fun getting some planned photos and angles before leaving for home and hoping the next training session will be more exciting and productive than these ones.


Zade (Me) – Precision.


David – Kong.


Zade – Diving Kong.


Flip – Diving Kong.


Flip – Diving Kong.


Nam – Aerial.


Nam – Aerial.


David – Kong.


Zade (Me) – Kong.


Zade (Me) – Kong.


Zade (Me) – Kong.


David – Diving Kong.


David – Diving Kong.


Nam – Double Leg.



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