#65 – Hex Shenanigans.


Myself, Sark & Flip – Portrait.


It was another weekly Tuesday jam for myself, Flip and Sark. There was more talk about the Team Hexagon group and debates on who should be in the group and why, we had a few dead certs but then there was still debates about who the other members should be. We had yet more discussions about a website design, I had come up with a few rough ideas which can be seen below. Design one was simplistic and easy to navigate and I did really like the photograph images being on the right, though it felt like it needed something more as it felt too spare compared to the other designs. The second design I took the images which I felt worked well on the right and adapted it to another clean design which felt more professional and easy for information but it came across too formal. The third and last design was getting more to how we wanted to make the site look and feel, it was grungier and even though there isn’t any images on that page as such you get a feel of how we wanted it to be. There was still plenty of time for adjustments. Sark and Flip still had time to create some rough drafts for the site too and then we would all collaborate together to get it how we all wanted it to look.

We started the day off at Nottingham Castle for a change and then planned to work our way through the hotspots in reverse ending with Gray Walls. I was feeling some tricking and so was practising some aerials down the steps of the Castle area. I seemed to have developed a phobia of doing them, even though it was no different to other places I had done them previously, I still had the initial fear of doing one. Once I did one I felt like my back leg was trailing behind really slowly and would cause me to land in a lunge like position which felt horrible and then I had to wait for the relaxed leg to land. I put it down to being nerves from doing the first one, though the more of them I did the more it felt like that and I couldn’t alter it. I knew I needed to kick my back leg hard and keep the momentum going instead of it being so relaxed, either way it had me worried about doing them now as I didn’t want to land on my face or put my hands down and injury myself. I got Flip to to take a few photos while Sark did a few back tucks and precision jumps on the benches. I really do hate the autumn, the ground is always damp or wet and even when it’s dry weather you slip and sink into the ground and can no longer sit on the grass like in the summer time.

We moved down to the Jerusalem Inn (Ye Olde Trip To Jerusalem) one of the oldest drinking establishments in England. Although, we were not there for that reason and instead practised precision jumps between the wooden benches outside the pub. They started off small and it was a fun game doing each precision between the benches in order going along to the next one, with each one getting further each time. There was only one which could not be precision jumped between (as of yet) and so we then had to do it as a running precision. We all struggled with it and committing to the jump, even though it was there and would be easy if you managed to mentally and physically commit instead of backing out. Over time though we all managed to get it one after the other and it had became some friendly competition to see who was going to land it first and last. I captured an image of Flip having a go at the furthest benches as a running precision too. I would like to say if anyone is around that area to take a look at the precision jumps as it is a fun challenge to do and really does help you with your precision jumping skills.


Flip – Running Precision.


We walked through Peoples College and over to NCP car park and made our way up to the top of it which was above the area we called Urine Nation (UN). I’ve always enjoyed the top of the car park, not that there is much to do but for the fact it’s nice for photos and getting used to height training. I remember a time when training was no problem at all and when security was lax. Although sadly, like most places, they now move you on instantly or drive up to see what it is you’re doing up there. We decided to get a few posed portrait shots to use for the Hex website, we all stood on a edge of a wall overlooking the city skyline which made it look almost superhero like. I got a few shots of Sark posing on the wall and against a car park light, while I shot a few images of Flip doing a kong while looking at the camera and another one over the drop of the car park with the traffic seen below at street level. Like I said above, even though we were on the top level and the walls are not that high walking along them and doing a precision jump while being able to see the cityscape in the background still has an effect on doing such things.

We had a handstand off with each other while getting some photos of holding one against the Nottingham Castle in the background before going down a level into the car park for more training. We practised doing a run between the levels, vaulting over the slopes, rails and walls in the car park. While practising yet more handstands Flip found out that he was so tall that he could handstand and his feet would touch the ceiling of the car park, not that me or Sark could do it ourselves. Getting slightly bored of the area and having increasingly dirtier hands from all the fumes from the cars and general pollution, we decided to take a walk back down and walk up to the Auditorium/Amphitheatre (Audo) area for some more training. Once arriving, we found it to have been a bad choice and wasn’t feeling training in this area at all and so had a pit stop for food and to talk before making our way over to the IBM area. It was already starting to get dark and while Sark and Flip practised precision jumps and diving kongs, I spent my time getting photos and starting to feel the cold. Flip did some prep work from the kong precision onto the wall of the area but doing it at the side to see if he would make it, which he would easily. There wasn’t much else to do and it started to begin to spit with rain and with that we decided to call it a day, until next time.


Hexagon Design One.


Hexagon Design Two.


Hexagon Design Three.


Zade (Me) – Aerial.


Zade (Me) – Aerial.


Flip – Precision.


Flip – Kong.


Flip – Kong.


Flip – Kong.


Zade (Me) – Aerial.


Flip – Portrait.


Sark – Portrait.


Flip – Kong.


Flip – Kong.


Sark – Precision.


Sark – Portrait.


Flip – Handstand.


Zade (Me) – Handstand.


Flip – Handstand.


Sark – Speed Vault.


Sark & Flip


Sark – Same Level Kong.


Sark – Measuring.


Flip – Kong.



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