#64 – Matto.


Matt – Catleap.


After training yesterday in Mansfield with Flip, I was feeling rather lethargic and so very sore muscle wise. I wanted to go out training still, even if only for a few hours. It was proving difficult as no one seemed to want to be out training today, most were either too busy, tired or not in the mood. In the end the people who agreed on coming out was Matt and Flip, not even David wanted to be out. We met in town at half past two and I instantly felt this was going to have been a bad idea, it hurt to walk and move never mind do some full on training of any sort. We trained for a bit at gray walls before moving down the road to the giant green crate things not too far from the Arkwright building. I got a few images of Matt doing a catleap to them, and he spoke about how he didn’t like doing them and is why at times his legs would flail on take off. He has no problem with the distance it just felt unnatural to do a catleap as he isn’t used to it. I also captured an accidental funny image of Flip perving on a girl walking past him, it’s rather comical if anything. I wasn’t even aware I had took a shot as Matt passed it to me as we waited for her to walk past, I’ll often hit the button by accident throughout the day or when picking up the camera. Sometimes they prove to be really good photos when looking back, I’ve not had any unaware trolling photos taken by others as of yet.

The day was spent talking about the Parkour scene, chilling with the occasional training as and when we felt the need. Out of us all it was Matt who had done the most training and was getting advice off us on certain movements. We slowly moved down to the university training at spots as we went past them. I felt shattered and was tempted to go home but Flip and Matt said I should stay out as it’s not like I have anything else better to do if I did go home, plus I cane get photos and be out in the fresh air. In the end we ended up near the Orange walls part of the university and practised our handstands on the grass hill, I was getting better at them but still had to walk around on my hands to try and remain in some form of balance. I have yet to be able to just hold one perfectly still, it feels so hard to achieve such a thing, damn near impossible. Flip had an interesting way of doing them, as soon as he was up in a handstand he could only walk backwards and never forwards. Matt was drilling some cartwheels and we too gave them a go, we were quick to learn that we all have a preferred side to do them on and a side which felt unnatural and had terrible form too.

Flip made a little kong to precision set up, using a piece of wood left on the grass by the workmen. He positioned it not too far from a green rail so that we could get used to doing a kong over the rail then land on the wood and slowly after time. Kong precisions were something which I lacked very much so, not that I could even kong the rail today with any sort of power. Matt was keen to practise them, while Flip dominated them as he always did. It felt good to be doing a kong over a rail and trying to aim for an object. I got a few photos of Matt then I decided to get an underneath shot of him doing it, much to his worry about him landing on me, he said he might bail and fall on me, but we assured him that wouldn’t happen. As he ran and went to grab on the bar, his hand slipped off the rail at the same time my flash went off on my camera and I flinched and saw Matt go flying over. I thought he had done a normal kong, until I heard the crash and realised he had flew over like a dive roll and hit his shoulder on the wooden plank too. A bit battered and bruised we spoke about what had just happened from each of our point of view and had to laugh about it. On that note we thought it might be time to call it a day and head home after a rather slow productive day.


Matt & Flip – Portrait.


Matt’s Tumble.


Flip – Perving.


Matt – Catleap.


Matt – Portrait.


Matt – Cartwheel.


Flip – Handstand.


Matt – Kong Precision.



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