#61 – Kongs, Flips & Underbars.


Zade (Me) – Precision.


Today the people out were myself, Adam, Zam, Stredz, Chez, Matt & Alister who was out filming for his project again. Sunday training is always less intense due to Saturday being the day we sometimes go all out. Sundays are fun but not for everyone, as most will be at home recovering from muscle soreness while the ones of us who are out are here practising moves which are less impacting. With it being a Sunday the city centre is always quiet too, so we can go to hotspots we can’t really visit in the week or on a Saturday. We found an interesting precision in front of the university library, from a small wall to a step. It was a big precision and I found it really hard to stick the bottom step never mind the one up from it which was well out of my reach! Matt however, was able to do the first step with ease and even get to the next step up which was amazing. I really should work more on my precision jumps and learn to gain some more distance, Matt said it would all be down to doing lots of plyometric training which he does regularly at athletics so it gave him an edge with his jumping ability compared to most.

We made our way down to the Premier Inn area where it had a high kong off a wall and seeing as most had never been around this area it was a new experience for them. We all could kong but add any sort of height and the fear factor really increased, that and the fact that as you ran towards the wall you were about to kong you were blind and couldn’t see the drop or landing until you were over the wall. Drops have never been our strong point or thing in Nottingham it was always big catleaps and precisions, so this was a nice new movement which tested our nerve. It was great to see Zam, Matt & others try the kong drop with a roll. Adam did it no problem and wasn’t phased by the drop and casually did it like he did all movements. It was nice to get some airtime from a move and feel like it would progress into bigger and better things later down the line. Zam was hesitant about doing the kong, he was afraid he might clip his knees before going over the wall even though he could kong fine. The fear was getting to him but he managed to man up and give it a go, as he ran up to the wall, doing the kong his hood flew over his eyes (seen in the image below) temporarily blinding him, making him unable to see what he was doing, flying through the air bracing for impact and then rolling out of the movement.


Zam – Kong to roll.


Around to the Uni benches area where there were lots of precision jumps to be practised, the bench precision in question was 9ft across and always looked far greater than it was, this didn’t mean it was small as when you stood on the bench it always looked as if it wasn’t possible to do. Yet when attempting the jump you would make it and have to have faith that you would make it and resist from putting your feet down before you reached the other bench. So many people would back out all together putting their feet to the floor before gliding across, it really did a number on you mentally. Even the photos, despite what angle you took of the jump always made the gap look big. It was one of those precision jumps that once you had you knew you were progressing and it felt great that it wasn’t one which every man and his dog could achieve. Adam was doing some handsprings over the small wooden bench which also grabbed Zam’s attention who too, wanted to try one. As much as I dared to do one on the floor I have never really had the bottle to do one over objects (apart from odd times) as it feels so difficult to do one as soon as an object is involved I can’t force myself to do one at all. I guess I always feel like I won’t go over myself and end up landing on my back on the object in a crumpled mess. One of those many mind blocks you get with certain movements.

Chez was practising some flow on a stair set, by climbing and vaulting up and over one side of the rails then doing an underbar through the rail on the other side as Alister filmed it. It was a nice little run to try even if it was done very slow and carefully, rather that fast and with ease like we wanted it to be. We wanted it to be flawless and effortless like you see in so many of the professional practitioners do in videos, easier said than done. We made our way back to the gray walls and Chez spoke about how he didn’t feel like training much these days, the vibe was changing and it felt very different to how it did when we had first begun training. He did enjoy training but now that feeling has started to fade and he doesn’t have the motivation or the urge to train. He has been questioning the point of coming out when he doesn’t enjoy being out and about with the community. It was a very sad realization for Chez and the rest of us who liked to have him out at the training sessions with the thought he may stop coming out all together.


Zade (Me) – Kong.


Zade (Me) – Kong.


Matt – Handstand.


Matt – Precision.


Matt – Kong.


Adam – Handspring.


Adam – Handspring.


Zam – Handspring.


Zam – Handspring.


Chez – Vaulting.


Chez – Underbar.


Chez – Underbar.


Chez – Kong.


Nam – Back Tuck.



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