#57 – A Short Shintastic Day.


Today was one of those days where I wasn’t overly wanting nor did I take many photos, Instead I just wanted to train and have a good day without having to worry about getting images and editing them and uploading them to the site and sharing with the respected people who I had taken them of. The day was going so well, too well as the whole day was cut short about an hour into training when I was doing a precision at Trent Uni which caused me to have a shin injury when my trainer slipped off the edge of the bench on landing. I didn’t get as much distance as I expected and had instead jumped up too much causing me to come up short on landing, either way my shin slid down the bench lightly grazing it. It had been so long since I had had an injury, again it was one to do with a shin which reminded me all to well of the one I received in March. It didn’t matter that it was lightly grazed mind you, I could still feel the pain as the shin has very little if no protection when you hit it and you don’t half feel it! I bandaged it up with a tuba-grip and tried to carry on training but each movement I could feel it throbbing and each impact felt like it hurt my bone so it meant I was out of training for the meantime.

Sark was down with some other guys today called Dady & Jack who had come out to train Nottingham with him, though with them being new to training they were in awe of everyone and so watched people train mainly, doing a few movements here and there. We had trained for a little bit at the Uni Benches area behind Trent University and some training at Gray walls before the heavens opened and it started throwing it down with rain. We retreated to Crowne Plaza which very little training was being done and I took a few photos of David who was trying to do the diving kong through the arch way but each time it looked like he had it he would stop himself and nearly trip through and over the walls face first. There really wasn’t much else we could do at this area due to the terrible weather which had gave things a good soaking and on that note we decided it might be best to call it a day before it has even begun.


Shin Injury.


Sark - Diving Kong.


Car Park.


David - Diving Kong.


David - Diving Kong.



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