Npk – Freerunning Postcode t-shirt.

The first Nottingham Parkour t-shirt I’ve ever created. I will admit I had no idea what I wanted to create, hence it being a pretty basic design.  A play on words, more so with it being a postcode of Nottingham mixed within the word Freerunning. Could this be the start of a community clothing line? Time will tell, I might even start creating some more designs, but customize them for myself rather than Parkour community. As I like that idea and some Phil has done, look great. A Zade clothing line, at least you will always have custom designs no one else has.


Postcode Design.


It’s cool though, nothing feels better than creating your own tee and then having it to wear and show off. The main concept was to have the centre of Nottingham postcode, which inadvertently is also the place where we train, being (the city centre). Mixing that postcode in with what we do as a sport, Freerunning fit with the postcode, rather than Parkour for the ones wondering. Along with the web address below it too.

Retrospectively looking back at this design. It is very basic and has some thought to it, but isn’t a great tee to display what we do. If you didn’t practise Parkour / Freerunning you wouldn’t necessarily pick up on the design being about that. It works great as a  general wearing design and no one would be any the wiser to what it all meant unless they checked out the web address or had an idea. Below are a few images of the design on a a blue coloured t-shirt.




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