#55 – One Very Long Day of Training.


I have to admit today was one of epic proportions, it was one of those training sessions which was brilliant due to the amount of people out, the overall training vibe, the good weather, the locations visited, people’s creativity and even down to the images I had captured from the day. I had hundreds upon hundreds (I usually only get a few dozen) to go through and I’m still on a high from training. Some days you arrive to training and it’s the same boring locations and movements with people in a mediocre mood for training and learning. You get those training sessions most of the time, you even get ones where hardly anyone turns up, the weather is appalling or it turns into a social gathering where there is next to no training being done at all.

You can get those rare days like today where everything is perfect, people want to learn, want to try new moves, you all vibe off each other and before you know it, it’s the end of the day and you’ve been out for eight hours or more while in retrospect felt like a couple of hours. These are the training sessions I cherish the most! As grateful as I am to have a wondrous day like today, I am also glad that they don’t happen on a regular basis otherwise it would be a nightmare to go though that amount of images each and every week, not to mention I doubt my body could handle that sort of drawn out day either.


Flip – Precision.


We had Alister out again taking filming various footage of us while training with his which was set to be used for a short documentary he was producing. He had been coming on and off to our training sessions, talking with us, doing short interviews and filming a majority of movements. I have no idea what the finished product will be like or even when it will be finished. When he has finished it though I will let people know and it will be great to see how everything has turned out. No doubt some time in the near future we will have other interest from students who want to produce a project on movement and Parkour.

There seems to be phases where at the start of a term or once one group produces a project others want to do a similar one and so the cycle continues. Then you have periods of time where there is no interest at all, the same could be said for people who are interested in training too. The scene and interest fluctuates so much it’s hard to predict when a spark of interest will arise. Today people were practising diving kongs and dash vaults over the green electricity boxes. There was a new guy out today called Matt who due to athletics had incredible jumping ability, he was naturally good at diving kongs and dash vaults over high objects the rest of us struggled with.


Matt – Dash Vault.


The likes of Ben from TeamHK was down as was Sark & Sam from Mansfield, it was great to see everyone enjoying themselves and trying new movements. Sark had learnt to do back tucks and so he was practising them off the gray walls with Ben, they looked awesome and he said they were easy to do and he was glad he could do them and had no idea why he was so scared to do them in the first place. As we were training there was a muscled guy who was running up and down the road, beside the tram tracks. It was funny to see him sprinting along, more so when I tram was passing by as it looked like he was trying to outrun the tram. I captured an image of him which can be seen below among the photos.

Ben was the third person to have done a back tuck off the phone box, which was getting less impressive the more people were doing it. This spared an idea for a photo opportunity which entailed jumping off the phone box while trying to make an epic Parkour air pose. Sark was first and looked more like he was jumping from a explosion, his face equally as funny. It was Matt’s turn who had great posture in the air and which was used for a Npk t-shirt later down the line as a one off. Zam, Sam & Martyn were trying to do handstand press. Sam was close to getting them but wanted to see who else could do them so he could learn. Zam could almost do them but failed at the last push of the movement, while the rest of us watched and couldn’t even lift our legs through our arms to attempt them, it seemed impossible but looked very impressive for the ones who could.


Sark – Jump to roll.


Speaking of clothing brands, Flip was donning his very own clothing brand which he had created and can be seen wearing in some of the images, with ‘FLIP’ going down the side of his t-shirt. It was at a time when we all wanted to be individual and making our own clothing while doing something which was very different in the public’s eyes made us feel even more unique. It was cheaper than buying normal branded names out there which came with an equally high price tag and because you are creating the clothing you have full control over the design and how it looked and was able to amend and change things as you please. I too had created my very first item of clothing (seen below) [1] a t-shirt which had ‘FreerunniNG1 2DT’ with the web address underneath it.

It was a play on the word Freerunning and then had the post code of the centre of Nottingham seeing as that is where we all did most of our training. Not every one got the word play or the idea behind it, still it was my own creation and you had to do some wondering to work out what it stood for. I was feeling very happy about it and I think it will be the start of many more designs to come. Nothing makes you feel better about yourself than wearing a new item of clothing, more so of your own creation. Sure the novelty wears off over time but while it’s there it’s a great feeling. We headed over to Crowne Plaza doing the usual diving kongs over the walls, precision jumps, vaulting the rails and trying to scale the walls.


Npk – Postcode t-shirt.


Today’s new challenge was different kind of Tic Tac which Sark was so found of doing and started to get creative in the way he did them. He did normal one off a pillar but then did a Tic Tac 270º cat from it. He even tried to do some through the arch but that proved too difficult in such a small opening, it was very cool to see and looked so smooth and different to what everyone else was doing at the time with tic tac cats. It seemed so simple but the hand and foot co-ordination to get used to turning the body in different directions took some getting used too, either way it was great fun. Sark and Sam had a different kind of approach to training while in Mansfield so it was always nice to see what new movements they had come up with when visiting Nottingham.

I had seen some of the locations from videos Sark had made and he suggested me and Flip should go and visit some time. It wasn’t too long before we walked down the to local corner shop to get some supplies before headed over into the Old Market Square, I got a few portrait shots of Jak throwing his head back and forth (as seen below) after we commented on how long his hair was and acted like a lions mane. As busy as the Old Market Square got there was always plenty to train on, even if you had to wait and watch out for the public at certain areas. Flip was doing a few precision jumps across the gap which led down to the toilets and I even got a image of him doing a front tuck which came out very nicely.


Jak – Portrait.


The Square was a lovely location to shoot at (unlike the flatland present day one) it was vibrant, busting with colour from all the plants scattered around the area. It felt like a jungle at times, the only down side to it was the amount of trees which all the pigeons would reside in and caused everything to be covered in bird poop. If they were taken out of the equation it would have been lovely to sit and relax without fear of getting crapped on or being mauled by them as they scavenged for food. The rest of the guys were on an all out trickfest on the wood chippings, with back tucks being the main trick of the day which people were practising, along with aerials, side flips and other tricking movements.

We visited some scaffolding, which we used to practice human flags before walking round the corner to the Blue Rails training spot. Precisions, catleaps and vaults were in order here while Pyro did a same level kong on them which was new. Across the road to Cat Alley for more fun and exploring the area for new movements to try, Matt had learnt how to wallspin and was doing them on the nearby wall. I got an interesting shot of Martyn which made him look like a gangster wannabe and Zam in the background looking angry haha. I captured an equally interesting portrait of Zam leaning against the corner of a wall which reminded me of some sort of clothing modelling shot. I can say nothing on the subject as there is an image of me representing my own clothing brand too.


Zade (Me) – Handstand.


We moved over to Nottingham Castle area where people did more tricking, handstands and other movements over the benches and rails there. We slowly made our way down to People’s College where something had happened and Zam had a serious fit of giggles so much so he was rolling around on the floor unable to get back up. I forget exactly what was so funny but I think it was something Martyn or Buttson had said and then someone had also dribbled as they spoke or had accidentally spat on someone as they were talking. As it was nearing the end of the day and the next area closest was Urine Nation we traversed over the road barriers and across to the training spot.  Tired and still in the mood for more training or cooling down depending how you felt at the time people did one or the other. We started to tease Jak about Becky asking if she was his girlfriend or not, which he was reluctant to confirm nor deny.

I captured some funny images of the two of them (seen below) of them sitting together and another shot where they were looking at some homework together. I practised some handstands with Zam and the others though I hadn’t the energy to do much else. It had been one of those long days and my body was so tired from being out all day, it wasn’t long before I decided to call it a day as it began to get dark. As myself, Flip and a few others walked back through the Old Market Square Matt stopped off and did a few more tricks before he left to make sure he could still trick. I sat on the bus shattered looking out the window at Matt & Ash who were waiting for their bus to arrive. Matt did a few wallspins on the nearby wall and then he did one on the bus before it left which got a few gasps from the people sat downstairs.


Matt – Diving Kong.


Matt – Diving Kong.


Zam – Sideflip.


Zam – Handstand Press.


Adam – Diving Kong.


Nimrod – Hand Balancing.




Flip – Front Tuck.


Sam – Human Flag.


Pyro – Same Level Kong.


Flip – Running Catleap


Martyn – Portrait.


Zam – Portrait.


Martyn – Turn Vault Underbar.


Zade – Portrait.


Jak – Diving Kong.


Zam – Laughing.


Jak – Tic Tac Vault.


Jak & Becky.


Zade (Me) – Handstand.


Martyn – Portrait.


Adam – Portrait.


Buttson – Diving Kong.


Sark – Back Tuck.


Sark – Back Tuck.


The Running Man.


Matt – Portrait.


Matt – Jump to roll.


Ben – Back Tuck.


Sark – Back Tuck.


Sark – Back Tuck.


Ben – Back Tuck.


Sark – Tic Tac 270° Cat.


Nimrod – Precision.


Nimrod – Precision.


Buttson – Diving Kong


Jak – Portrait.


Becky – Portrait.


Ben – Back Tuck.


Matt – Back Tuck.


Matt – Back Tuck.


Matt – Back Tuck.


Sark – Back Tuck.


Sam – Back Tuck.


Adam – Portrait.


Matt – Wallspin.


Zam – Handstand.


Sark – Running Catleap.


Seanno – Portrait.


Martyn – Diving Kong.


Zam – Handstand.


Jak & Becky – Study Time.


Flip – Portrait.



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