#51 – Scaffolding, Swings & Walls.


For a Saturday training session there wasn’t all that many out. We did however, have a new playground presented to us at the Royal Concert Hall area which had some scaffolding at the side of it erected, and it was perfect for swinging on, doing laches between the bars. Laches are something we lack here in Nottingham as there aren’t that many things to use in the form of trees, bars or even scaffolding. So when some is constructed we all congregate amongst it, enjoying it while it lasts. Flip had awesome technique for doing lache’s, he would jump and dive towards the bar in a superman-eske pose, grabbing the bar and then pulled straight through into the lache using his already volatile swinging momentum. I hated laches and they felt so awkward, I always had sticky fingers and felt like I couldn’t let go off the bar or if I did I would let go too late and do some sort of gainer resulting in me landing on my head. Myself and Jak practised the lache’s with Flip’s help and even tried doing his strange technique, not that either of us could get our head around it.

We trained on the scaffolding for hours and went back and forth between it and the Gray Walls area, the heat was getting unbearable and making training out in the open more and more of a problem. We explored in the grounds of the Arkwright building, using a wall which had a drop over the other side to vault over, it felt amazing to do reverse vaults off a height but just as scary with the airtime and drop. The same for dash vaults, they felt amazing and some of the images of them were just as good as the feeling, we also walked up the road to another small area which had some walls with an awkward to stick downwards precision. Jak and his long lion hair looked awesome as he did vaults, like the mane of a lion, some of the images from the day are below. I really need to get back into taking photos again, I’m not getting all that many some days and then other days when I’m not feeling like training or a good crowd are out I get hundreds.


Flip – Lache.


Flip – Lache.


Zade (Me) – Reverse Vault.


Zade (Me) – Dash Vault.


Zade (Me) – Dash Vault.


Zade (Me) – Precision.


Flip – Lache.


Flip – Lache.


Jak – Same Level Kong.



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