#50 – Sick Ed’s Doppelgänger.


Sick Ed/Mike – Wallflip.


Today was a strange one, we began our day of training over at the Nottingham Castle area. It ended up being more of a social training session than a productive session of Parkour, very relaxed and the ones who were training were the ones who could trick and trick is what they were doing plenty of on the grass and surrounding rails. For a long time Tim had wanted to equal Mike’s tricking and training, with them being close friends Mike had been teaching Tim how to trick. Whether he has had some gymnastics lessons too I have no idea, as Tim’s tricks were so nice, just like Mike’s. People were quick to point out that Tim was dressed very similar to Mike today and it was uncanny, like seeing a mirror image of him haha. We joked about how they looked like twins now, between me and you I think there was a small revelry there as Tim wanted to be as good as Mike if not better over time.

I got a few images of them both doing flips, one of my favourites from the day was of Mike doing a wall flip off a nearby tree. Even though it was slightly out of focus, it had a nice feeling to it and the depth of field with Buttsun to the edge of the shot watching Mike only added to the beauty. It was good to see Nam busting out some front tucks off a small wall of the castle, even if the way he did it was awkward! Jak was telling us how he hated his back tucks now as he would always land close to where he takes off and feels as if he is going to hit his head on the object and felt he couldn’t change this no matter how hard he tried. He wanted to do some wall flip’s today too which he had been wanting to do outside for ages, but had too much fear with them. Inside gym he would be happy and confident with them, yet outside it was a different story so we decided to spot him, one person either side and then just one of us until he felt confident enough to do them on his own.


Jak – Air Pose.


Jak would run toward the wall numerous  times, backing out or telling us to wait, testing his foot placement each time by kicking off the wall.  Once he was not as scared of them I got a few images on my camera of him doing them as well as some film footage so he could look back at them to see how to better them. He had started to get scared of doing them again without a spotted so I stepped in to help him. As Jak ran towards the wall he slid across the grass and slammed into the wall, confused on how it happened Jak got up and had some excrement on his arse from where he had landed. Even though we all laughed about it afterwards it was strange that he had slipped as the grass wasn’t overly moist and his trainers were dry, on closer inspection of where he had slipped we found a condom which had us all in hysterics and couldn’t stop laughing as only Jak could have had something like that happen to him.

The ledge people used to trick off gave Tom and a few others an idea to running jump off it making Parkour air poses and capture them by photos and see what they look like. It was great fun and some of the poses were really funny, it looked more like we were being thrown from an explosion of some sort. I took a portrait photo of Flip wearing my blue sunglasses I worn to training, have a look for yourself to see if they suit him. We moved down to People’s College where we practised scaling the wall up to the roof, turn vaults, holding human flags and trying to find things to do on the giant stone stairwell. Flip wanted to do a giant precision from the roof to the grass slope, having big hops as he did I took photos of the movement for you to see. The last stop of the day was the Old Market Square where I took a couple of Images of Flip doing a front over the toilet gap onto the wood chippings before leaving for home.


Nam – Aerial.


Zade (me) – Aerial.


Pyro – Flying through the air.


Zade (me) – Air Pose.


Flip – Air Pose.


Flip – Precision.


Flip – Front Tuck.


Tim – Back Layout.


Tim – Back Tuck.


Sick Ed/Mike – Wallflip.


Nam – Front Tuck.


Jak – Back Layout.


Jak – Back Layout.


Jak – Wallflip.


Jak – Wallflip.


Flip – Portrait.


Flip – Human Flag.


Flip – Stood Tall.


Flip – Lazy Vault.



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