#49 – Ingoldmells.


Zade (me) – Aerial.


Once a year I go on holiday and have to miss the weekly Saturday training session, this would be one of the weeks as I would be on holiday at Ingoldmells for a week’s break. I did like going there, mainly for the big market they had at Fantasy Island as you could get good bargains for clothing, trainers and general stuff. I knew I wouldn’t have much to do training wise and it always felt a tad awkward to be training alone, so I tried to avoid it as much as possible. There wasn’t much to practice Parkour, a few rails and walls, apart from that just lots and lots of sand, with wooden groynes in them. This year though, while feeling rather bored I decided to take a walk to the beach to see what I could find to train on, looking around there was no rails or even walls, just the vast amount of sand and the sea. As nice as it was to walk along the beach it wasn’t very Parkour!

I decided I would take it upon myself to use the groynes as a take off point for doing flips off, so I put my headphones in my ears, warmed up and then begun to do some flips off them. I started with aerials as they were the easiest trick for me to do and I must say it felt quite liberating to be able to do a trick as and when I felt like it. On occasion I would land sideways due to that annoying torquing I did with my body while in the air. The sand was soft, perfect for landing rather then being scared of not making a move and always having to put 110% into them all the time. Even if I was to fail nothing hurt and I had a few times where I over rotated fronts and landed on all fours. As I did my tricks, people walking along the coastal front would watch in amazement and clap when I did a flip, a few would ask for me to do it again. My aerials felt so easy to do now and I could even delay them too which was an awesome feeling.

My front tucks felt shocking even off a ledge I would land crouched and still tucked and wouldn’t gain much of any height. They were a nightmare to do on flatland, I really did hate trying them and would instantly go into a forward roll or fall back on to my arse. I have no idea how people can do them so well and landing standing up perfectly, maybe one day I’ll finally figure them out and have them to a good standard. Looking back at the photos my first blocking jump was too high taking all my momentum and power out of it, as well as jumping forwards and not upwards, still practice makes perfect. My biggest fear I had with back tucks, I stood on the wooden groyne for ages battling with my demons, trying to muster some courage together to do one, visualizing me doing it, doing prep jumps. I had no spotter and I couldn’t test anything, so it was all or nothing! The saying ‘no guts no glory’ comes to mind, would I apply this today though, time will tell…


Zade (me) – Front Tuck.


My heart was beating ten to the dozen over doing one, my legs feeling like jelly, shaking each time I would be ready mentality to do one, physically though my body would not let me! I stared endlessly into the sky on the horizon with my hands raised, hands clammy trying so hard to force myself to do one, telling myself it would be fine and to just jump and do one. I bet I looked like a a right plonker to onlookers with my hands in the air, standing there. The clouds were dark and looked as if a storm was coming, I told myself I needed to do one today otherwise I might not get the chance again, do it now before it starts raining and feel the buzz of accomplishment.

The first one I did I threw my hands forwards from behind me with them clapping as I did, then threw them to the back of me before throwing them forward again and jumping in the air leaning back, I went over but it felt horrible like I didn’t jump and I looked over my shoulder landing into the sand crouched then falling to my knees. It wasn’t as bad as I had expected and it put my mind at rest for doing some more. I thought if nothing else this is perfect practice for me to get better at these tricks. I did some more feeling more comfortable each one I did, most of my backs were layouts and lacked the tucking aspect of the move. I kept landing low or on all fours and it was annoying, my fear had gone to a degree but my technique was all over the place.

It felt great to have conquered my fear of doing them outside, but I wanted them to be of a good standard if I was to try one when getting back to Nottingham in areas without such a soft landing. I thought about how I may be able to do them off Orange Walls now and other smaller objects. On one a few of my attempts I was getting closer to hitting my head on the wood each time and gave me some doubt in my technique, sure enough one of the times as I came down out of the motion I hit my head on the wood. This then had completely put me off doing them again, all those backs had been murder on my quads and they felt heavy and tired, I headed back to the caravan. I woke up the next day to find my abs in dire pain, it was hard to get up from bed and move in general it felt as if all my abdominals had tore. My quads felt so tight as were my calf muscles it hurt to move and trying to unlock them from being so tense was next to impossible, there was no way I would be any more tricking for the rest of the week. I guess the sand really does take it out of your body when landing in it, no matter how soft and appealing it is to land in.


Zade (me) – Aerial.


Zade (me) – Aerial.


Zade (me) – Front Tuck.


Zade (me) – Front Tuck.


Zade (me) – Back Layout.


Zade (me) – Back Layout.



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