#48 – Monday Fun.


Flip – Kong to Front Tuck.


While most people were on their way to school, college or work suffering from the Monday blues, we were out training and making the most of the glorious sunny weather. Sam had came over from Mansfield to train before he had work later in the evening, Pkflow was out as was Flip, Chez and Will. It was a small group of people to be training with and due to that fact we could focus more on getting things done and not have to worry about changing spots because people were bored or wanted a change of scenery. We met up at the earlier time of 10am and it felt great to be up and out so early as opposed to the usual meet up time of 1pm at the weekends. I arrived to find Pkflow who had already been in town an hour odd before the meet up time and so he had got his breakfast from McDonolds then came to meet the rest of us, shortly followed my Will and Chez. Flip was on his way, running slightly late due to traffic and Sam was making his way from the train station which was the other side of town.

We started as we always did at Gray Walls, Chez was feeling the heat and was questioning why he had even come out. He sat and laid on the walls lifeless he had good intentions of coming out to train but was feeling too tired for anything combined with the heat made him instead be a spectator for the day and take photos if needed. Flip had come out training in a shirt again and as much of a strange choice it seemed for training in, it worked well with his wrist bands and jogging bottoms. I took a few images of him doing a kong over an electricity box then into a front tuck, the move looked awesome and I couldn’t comprehend having the guts to try any sort of flip after a kong let alone off the small wall without dying in the process. It seemed no matter how much we trained in the same areas there was always someone or something being done which was fresh and then made people rethink what could be done in the area.

We decided to go over to the Auditorium (Audo) area to train, but before we did, I pointed out we should take the long route to get there and see if we could find any new areas to train at beforehand. We walked past the Nottingham Playhouse and up a side street away from Audo area only to come across some small walls for standing and running precisions. It was nice to see a new area and get some fresh photos rather then always being the same but with different people in shot. With most of the precision jumps I took of Flip, he made them seem small with his tall stature, he agreed and said that is why things look less impressive than they are when he tries to capture movements on film or video. Feeling energised and it not even being lunch time yet we made our way to Audo with plenty of the day ahead of us. Today seemed to be a precision day if anything, and so we did some more precision jumps and then aimed to get further distances with them. The biggest challenge of the day was to do a precision jump from each giant step down to a ledge, each step you went up the further the precision became and the more nerve racking the jump was, not to mention the immense impact on landing too.


Flip – Downwards precision.


Another precision we worked on was one from height (shown above) that involved landing on a raised step which led down into the main area of the circular place that was Audo. It was very scary to do as if you overshot the jump you would have to run down all the steps and I won’t even mention what would happen if you misjudged it. It felt as if you were jumping down to a cliff edge or something, very scary to get the balls to do and you had to have complete faith in your own abilities. Seeing as we had been working on precisions most of the day, myself and Flip gave the precision a go and I got some images to go with the jumps. As you can see the burst shot of Flip (above) doing the precision merged together makes the distance look inadequate. I took another nice image of Will doing a running precision across the gap in the background of the above image further down the page. I didn’t take any photography after we left this area as we made our way down to the train station for Sam who was due to get his train later on, so we decided to train a few spots near there and make our way to the canal area so it was easier for him when he had to catch his train.

The downwards canal precision was one of manhood, people saw it as very scary to do, what with the drop more than the actual distance and the height factor with no build up also put people off trying it at all. Very few had done it and most feared it, the ones who had triumphed were the proud owners of giant man testicles. Sam stood and looked at it for a good while but ended up not trying it and let fear get the better of him. I did the precision and tried to explain there was nothing to fear and how it felt and assured him he was more than capible of doing it at his current level of skill. Flip hated this precision jump but he said he would do it and with that he went for it, on landing one of his trainers slipped forward on landing but he still remained balanced and stuck the precision, new trainers and all. In that moment as scary as it seemed it also reminded me of when Sark had first went for the precision jump and on landing slipped off the wall and grazed all his side as well as his ego. Will wanted to give this precision a go too, his movements were so sketchy and each time he did a move he nearly killed himself, I felt as if this was going to end badly!

While Will was stood on the wall looking down at the precision with me and Chez stood beside him looking over the wall as he sized it up, we hadn’t noticed some local chavs who had crept up behind us, they most likely had just come from a court hearing. They looked over the wall and then looked at Will wondering why he was stood on the wall, they asked what he was doing and if it was that ‘jumping’ thing? Will explained what he wanted to do and I could feel the tension in the atmosphere within the group. I watched as they stood by him, one untying Will’s shoelaces and trying to tie them together as the other distracted him by telling him he should do it and jump, pushing and shoving him nearer the edge by his feet. They asked if he could do a backflip which Will said he can, just not off this wall. They replied with ‘do one then?! If not do this jump now innit!’ You could see the leader of the chav group with his piercing yellow contact lensed eyes wanting him to fail and get hurt. It was an awkward moment for me and Chez who were worried not only for Will safety but for ourselves too, while they were distracted and spoke to Chez to see if he could do the jump, Will took advantage of doing the precision to get away from them, as he did one of the chav’s pulled at his jacket arm as he took off while the other tried to grab his leg. It seemed like their fun had been spoilt and while they all looked over to see if he had made it and talked amongst themselves, me and Chez snuck away walking back around to where the others were due to our bags and cameras being there.


Zade (me) – Downwards Precision.


Luckily Sam had put the cameras back in my bag as soon as he saw the chav’s, one more load off my mind as I would have hated for them to have been stolen. Just as I was about to speak about the incident and say we should move to another area and collect my bag, I saw that the chav’s had already walked down the canal to the others to once again torment us. We all felt uncomfortable at this moment and knew it may be leading to some sort of mugging or a confrontational fight even in the light of day. I don’t know what it is about chav’s but they always seem to have an issue with me whether that be because I’m such an easy target, because of what we do, jealousy, or because I emit some sort of arrogance, but they always seem to be drawn to me no matter how I act or what I do. After not getting what they wanted first time round they were back for more, and started with the age old opening line of ‘any of you got the time?!’ I could see them eyeing up the bags behind the guys but I wasn’t anywhere near them, Sam and Flip were stood the closest to them. The chav’s wanted to check everyone’s pockets for money and other belongings. They had boxed in the guys, and the leader of the group had taken a liking to me for whatever reason. The fight or flight response had kicked in and before I could get near my bag or even away from the area one of the goons had grabbed hold of me saying ‘you’re not going anywhere’. Panicking and with no chance of help from the others (who I didn’t know at the time were being held at knife point).

The leader now grabbed hold of me and as much as I struggled to try and shake him off, it didn’t happen and he got more annoyed at the fact I was trying to get him off me. He then said to the others ‘maybe we should throw him in the canal, yea?’ I’m sure I had a look of despair as for one I can’t swim and would likely drown, so the fact this notion was about to become a reality had me mortified! He started to drag me across the pavement, with me resisting with all my weight like a toddler who didn’t want to be moved, feeling helpless as no one seemed bothered or willing to help me and carried on about their day like nothing was happening. Another of the douche squad came and grabbed hold of me too making it easier for them to drag me ever closer to the edge of the canal before being throw into the dirty canal water, them standing there ready to do it again or kick me away from the side as I tried to get back back out. I could hear some people shouting from across the other side of the canal from the pub, whether it was general concern or not for my well being. It seemed as if the chav’s had their fun and as quickly as they had appeared they disappeared laughing at what they had achieved as they left. I couldn’t feel the bottom of the canal and to my amazement I wasn’t drowning and instead was floating with my feet gently moving back and forth under the water, I did a small lunge to grab the edge of canal boat and used it to get around to the canal edge.

Soaking wet, demoralized and annoyed that no one and so called friends who have had fights had not stepped in to save me. What had been a really good day had now ended abruptly. I rung out my socks, vest and T-shirt and did the best I could to my trousers, this however would not dry my wet underwear which felt horrible and began to chaff later in the day. At least the warm sun was out to help dry most of me before getting the bus home. The guys had explained their side of the story and what had happened and why they didn’t and couldn’t help me. Will said the reason he ceased the opportunity and jumped for the precision was so he could get away from them before they ended up injuring him. We still did a bit of training but this incident had really put a dampener on the day. We joked about how this could have all been averted if we could do flips on concrete or if Mike had been out. It seems no matter how bad a situation if you can do some form of trick it amazes and confuses trouble makers, making them forget about what they had planned and instead walk away amazed and have respect for you. As sickening as it is to breathe the same air as bottom feeders, stuff like this happens and there is nothing you can do to stop it. You just have to be aware of what is going on around you at all times and do your best to keep away from such situations. Though that is hard to do when what we do is something as abnormal as Parkour making us more of an eyesore than blurring into the gray of everyday.


Sam – Precision.


Zade (me) – Precision.


Flip – Precision.


Zade (me) – Precision.


Flip – Precision.


Zade (me) – Precision.


Will – Running Precision


Sam – Precision.


Zade (me) – Running Precision.


Zade (me) – Precision.


Flip – Precision.


Will – Precision.


Zade (me) – Dash Vault


Flip – Precision.



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