#47 – A Hot and Sticky Day of Training.


Flip – Jump to roll.


Today was a warm day for training, we met at the usual time of one o’clock and started our training session at Gray Walls as we always did. I was regretting coming out in a black t-shirt, a colour I very rarely, if ever wore to training or in general. I owned perhaps one or two and now I remembered why, the heat was making me feel twice as hot and my t-shirt was burning. God knows how all the emo’s and goth’s can wear pure black all the time even in summer and now sweat to death! I was into my tricking more these days, well at least of what I could do and the trick of choice for me was an Aerial and so I practised doing them off the gray walls from a standing position. Sometimes on landing I would land sideways rather than the correct way of facing the wall from which I took off, I think it was down to me torquing my body somehow while in the air and I couldn’t figure out how or why I did it on occasions. I wanted to get my aerials on flat ground too, an ultimate goal of mine but they proved so difficult to do.

Ash was out today and he could easily do them both on flat and off objects, even if they were the martial arts way of doing them which I don’t class as ‘true’ aerials, yet even when I told him about the gymnastic way of doing them he was still able to do one with ease! He explained that the martial arts way of doing them feels easier for him and he has always been able to do them since first being taught them in XMA and hasn’t ever lost them since. Mike had mentioned that Sticky (Johnny Budden) from UF might make an appearance today and train with us later on in the day. This had people excited to see him in person, get to train with him and see what amazing things he could do as well as get some advice on training.

We made our way over to an area before Orange walls and the challenge was to try and stick a downwards precision from a height which was a big problem for most of us, it was still scary to do the jump down even though it wasn’t far it was the fear of not making it or missing the landing and falling down below into the bushes and what ever else laid beneath. I took a few images of Seanno and Flip doing the precision and one of Seanno holding a flag up a lamp post in line with the buildings. Once we got to Orange Walls, Adam was keen to show us that he had self taught himself how to do a wallflip and that it was easier than a standing one. He had such a good technique for them and went so high and tucked they looked really good, I can’t believe that they are easier. I would be too scared to go over myself ans can’t fathom out how kicking off the wall would allow you to gain any momentum.

Sticky arrived with Mike and it was smiles all round as people were excited to see him, he was already pretty tired from training before he arrived and so had come out to chill with the community and do some light training too. It was cool to speak to Sticky and get an idea of his views on training, pk politics, UF and the general parkour community, being a somewhat local Parkour celebrity in Nottingham. I experimented with slanted angled photography today, I took one of Flip doing a running jump off the gray wall followed by a roll and it produced an interesting result. I love the merged burst shot of the image another experiment and learning curve I had with Photoshop. I took a few other images of things around me and with it being such a boiling day it felt too hot to train and we called it an early end do and decided to spend the rest of the day relaxing in the sun talking to one another before leaving for home.


Ash – Aerial.


David – Same Level Kong.


Adam – Same Level Kong.


Zade (me) Aerial.


Seanno – Downwards Precision.


Flip – Downwards Precision.


Seanno – Human Flag.


Adam – Wallflip.


Adam – Wallflip.


Adam – Wallflip.


Adam – Wallflip.


Sticky/Johnny – Sizing up.


Jaws – Portrait.


Sick Ed/Mike – Catleap.


Flip – Jump to roll.


Sick Ed/Mike – Portrait.


Sticky’s Trainers.


Sick Ed/ Mike – Portrait.


Seanno & Adam.



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