#35 – Mansfield Guys.


Red/Sam – Diving kong.


It was Thursday and after Tuesdays jam we were ready for more training. Sark said he would be down with Red (Sam) and DJ. We met at half twelve and then went to Gray Walls to start the day of training, doing dash and kong vaults over the green electricity boxes and the walls. Sam was doing some handsprings over the wall, which he had learnt and wasn’t afraid to do, we then decided we would try and do diving kongs the further away from the wall. We marked where we took off with a twig and the aim was to move this each time increasing the distance for the dive. In the end it was between Sark and Sam to do the furthest but it was Sark who won. Sam would do a split foot take off for the kong and Sark would double foot it to really punch and get to go far. It made him look like he was flying as he arched in the air like a dolphin which jumped through the sea.

We headed over to Orange Walls area to train and do some flips on the really soft grass. I have no idea why this grass was so nice. It wasn’t like normal grass it had moss in it which made it feel bouncer than normal and also acted like a foam or safety mat. We looked at doing a diving kong over the two walls and set it as a future goal which should be done but with it being so low it might hurt. It wasn’t too long until we went and trained behind the Arkwright building and looking at a downwards precision from a wall to a curb. It was so difficult to get that standing no matter how hard we tried, yet doing it running made it easier and less of a challenge. There was some small white rails that we used to kong cat while over the the drop, with workmen watching from inside the building.

We decided we should move through the Market Square and to the Blue rails area to practice vaulting before moving over to Cat Alley, where we did a catleap from a rail to a wall over a carpark space thing leading down to a garage. This one always felt a stretch for me and I had to really jump and reach and would always slide off or miss completely, when I did grasp the wall it was with finger tips and it didn’t half hurt. We moved over to the Castle area before speaking about the canal precision and made our way over there to show Sam it before doing a few precisions on it and calling it a day as the guys had to be near the train station and back in Mansfield early. I was still feeling pretty tired from Tuesday and so it was a delight to be finishing early and great to see the guys out training for the short time they we were all out.


Red/Sam – Diving Kong.


Sark/Ben – Diving Kong.


Red/Sam – Handspring.


Zade (Me) – Kong.


Red/Sam – Diving Kong.


Zade (Me) – Running Precision.


Sark/Ben – Kong cat.


Zade (Me) – Diagonal Precision.


Zade (Me) – Catleap.


Zade (Me) – Downwards precision.


Zade (Me) – Downwards precision.


Red/Sam – Dash Vault


Sark/Ben – Diving Kong.


Red/Sam – Kash Vault.


DJ – Lazy Vault.



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