#34 – A Sunny Afternoon of Parkour.


Sark – Precision


Today myself and Flx decided to have a training session. I had asked Ben/Sark if he would be up for coming down too and he agreed. We met at around one o’clock and decided to start the training session at different locations to the norm. We headed over to Trent University to train at the Orange Walls area, doing flips and using the walls for precisions and vaults. We walked down to the green muscle up bar and practised some underbars and swinging back and forth from the bar to the steps. As well as Ben being out today he had brought along a guy called Simon who worked in a pub and had some free time so he decided to come down with Ben. He had never done Parkour before but was trying today to see what he thought to it all. We went over to the rails and orange walls outside of the University’s Health Point doing some downward precisions and vaults over the rails before we got told to move on due to the place being open.

We walked along Shakespeare Street where there were always some big green crates which the builders used for whatever reason while modernising the Newton building. Flx had the idea that we should try and do a catleap to them from the walls across the pathway between, it looked possible but also very scary at the same time. I remember that it was a battle between us who would do it first and then once we had all done one finding out it was very slippery we started to do the other ones further along which were further in distance. The green crates offered next to no grip and as you landed you would slide down into a dead hang position unless you really gripped tight and tensed the abdominals to stop your feet sliding down. With the fun over, we decided to make our way down to UN (Urine Nation) area as that was one of the major hotspots underneath the NCP Broadarsh car park. We walked down Lister Gate, which was near St Peter’s church. It had a giant stone statue which used to be a fountain and also it had a circular area with three trees in directly opposite the church.


Zade (Me) – Catleap.


We decided even though it was a busy weekday and lots of people were passing through the area that we would do some precisions to the stone pillars. We took it in turns doing these precisions then progressed to the further and high ones, people would walk by wondering what we were doing as well as stop to watch too. They were a good challenge and the height difference also made your heart go ten to the dozen! We carried on making our way to UN and once there we took a short break. I started to do the rail precision in the top of the area even though it was small in distance it was high and always scary to do, the rails always felt slippery too due to the plastic getting slippery when warm or even really cold. When Ben was taking a photo of me, Flx would run in shot waving his hands photo bombing my shot. As funny as it was it also could put me off and I hate when people blow the shot for my photos.

We took a look behind the UN area where there was a small building and some steps and a wall, we all agreed on doing a running  catleap from the top step to the wall and each did a few times. We could hear how hollow the wall sounded as we landed, even though it was really thick and it wobbled on impact. I wondered if anything bad would happen only for Ben to then do it and when he landed it broke the wall denting it and leaving a large crack down the middle of it to which we all burst out laughing. Flx hung in a cat position, trying to work out how the force could have done such a thing. We decided to head over to the Castle area to train away from what had just happened. I drilled a few railflips over the green rail, which still scared me beyond belief and then joined Flx and Ben who were doing rail precisions. The goal was to try and stick them rather then jumping off when landing. This took forever to do and we spent a lot of time practising this with Flx landing it multiple times with me and Ben getting it occasionally.


Flx – Precision.


For the final location of the day we took a walk along the canal area where Flx pointed out he wanted to do the downwards precision and he could see it more and more each time he came past and looked at it. Ben said well lets do it now as he will do it if everyone else tried it or even did it first. We all stood up on top of the wall in turns looking at the distance judging how far it was with our adrenaline pumping, being scared and thinking about what happened if we missed it or backed out while doing it mid take off? I stood there and said right I’ll do it and I could see the landing perfectly it felt as if it was moving closer towards me. I edged closer to the edge and crouched down ready to jump just as I lent forwards Flx pulled my jogging bottoms and went, ‘aargh’ to scare me and that put me out of the zone and I turned around and came off the wall. Telling him not to do something like again as I was about to do it, which he replied, ‘no you wasn’t!’ Ben didn’t believe me either. This really did wind me up as when I’m going to do something I will do it!

Ben stood up and said, ‘do you know what, I’ll do it now forget all this messing around’. Flx watched in anticipation as did I. Ben stood for a while then jumped. As he jumped and flew through the air towards the wall, it looked like he was trying to back out and he grabbed hold of some of the branches of the tree as he was going down. He landed and his feet slipped and he fell off the wall face first landing on his side and grazing his arm. It was the scariest thing we had seen but also very funny, Ben stood up and said at least I’ve done it though! We asked if he would do it again and he said yes give him a few minutes. I was so annoyed as Ben had done it first and when I said if Flx had not pissed around I would have been the first to which they both argued there was no way I was going to go for it then! I stood up feeling scared but had seen Ben do it and I could see the landing again like before and then I jumped and stuck it, it didn’t feel as hard as I thought it was going to be. The airtime was great and the impact wasn’t that bad at all if you know how to absorb it. Flx had a look and decided against doing it for now, we got some photos of the jump and Ben did it again and with a day full of achievements we decided to end it while still on a high.


Zade (Me) – Catleap.


Sark – Precision.


Zade (Me) – Precision.


Flx – Catleap.


Zade (Me) – Railflip.


Sark – Rail Precision.


Zade (Me) – Rail Precision.


Sark - Downwards Precision.


Zade (Me) – Precision.


Sark – Pole Swing.


Si – Pole swing.


Sark – Precision.


Zade (Me) – Downwards Precision.


Zade (Me) – Precision.


Sark – Monkey.


Sark – Diving Kong.



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