#31 – Mellow Jam.

It was a Sunday and we were all pretty tired from the training the day before, hence why only a few of us came out to train. It was quiet as it always was in town on a Sunday and with most places being closed we were able to train where we wanted to without getting told to move. We started off at Gray Walls but quickly moved down to the church across from Bilbie Walk. Tim wanted to turn vault the rail as it looked scary as did Luca once they did it they spoke about doing a kong over it too with a roll but seeing as they couldn’t kong very good they left it as a future goal to do.

We spent ages training at the IBM area, doing the precisions between the walls and Nam said do you think it’s possible to do a kong precision over the rail to the plant pot and we all tried it. At first it felt horrible as the rail seemed high but the more we practised the less scary it got and the close we got to mastering the k2p. Luca was doing some strange vault over the rails which looked like he was going to do a simple side vault over but then he extended his legs out fully straight.


Tim – Turn Vault.


We moved to the Blue Rails area to train where Tim spent ages trying to do the rail precision something he was really frightened off doing, plus he had no balance ether which didn’t help his situations at all. Nam did a few railflips which looked awesome the way he did them. He would get flicked out of them so fast and he explained going below the bar when you go over gives you more power to push with the arms rather than staying above the object like most people do. On one of the attempts he wanted to go over both rails one at a time but the first one he messed up and ended up on the floor.

Seeing as it was a Sunday and we were told by Sticky (Johnny) that we could only go up on the roofs when everywhere was shut, we decided to go onto the college roofs. It was cool to go up there as there was so much to do even if you did feel rather afraid about getting up in the first place in case people said anything to you. We quickly climbed up onto the smaller roof and ran across out of sight, we did the various roofs precisions and catleaps. It felt awesome being on any kind of roof because normal people don’t go on roofs. Once you were up, nine times out of ten no one would know you are up there and not even look up as when most people walk they keep their eyes straight forward or below looking at the pathway.

We were pretty tired and decided to call it an early end to the day as most of our legs were in dire pain from all the precisions we had been doing today. I loved how warm the day was though and how dead town was. Was a great jam and I must remember to go out more on Sundays.


Nam – Kong Precision.


Luca – vaulting.


Nam – Failed.


Zade (Me) – Precision.


Nam – Railflip.


Seanno – Roof Precision.


Tim – Roof Precision.



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