#30 – Fall With A Bang.


Zade (Me) - Precision.


Today we had Ben/Sark and Sam/Red from Mansfield out training with us. We started off at Gray Walls area like we always did and Sam was doing some front tucks as was others off the walls who could do them, flips had fast becoming the new thing to learn while training. Flx was out today as well, and enjoying the lovely April summer weather. It was so warm it was unbelievable for April, it wasn’t long until we moved down to Bilbie walk to practice in the area doing pop wall climbs, catleaps and having a good laugh we even used the bottom of the area to try and do some funny air poses while doing a running precision.

With the University being under construction in places there were big green crates all over the place and Nam and a few others wanted to do a standing jump off them across the pathway over a rail and onto the grass in front, it looked scary and far but Nam did it anyway! We used the walls in the courtyard for vaulting over one after the other which was great fun.

We used a wall at the entrance of the building to film a multiple run of everyone vaulting over the wall one after the other. The first take we did was good even if Nam did go out of shot with the amount of height he got after jumping off the wall. The second take Will tried to do a diving speed vault but missed the wall completely and landed on his side hard winding himself, while the others carried on vaulting over not realizing what had happened and laughing once out of shot, a few of the guys that were at the back just didn’t vault at all and ran up to the wall, danced on top before jumping off.



We decided to move to the Blue Rails area to practise the precision there and try and stick it, me and Ben spent ages trying to stick it, while others did vaults over the rails there. We moved across the road to Cat Alley and also had a look around the corner there to see what else there was to do Parkour wise. I had collected lots of blossom from a tree at Blue rails and threw it at Flx, which looked awesome as it hit him and exploded all over.

We ended up making our way through the Castle training and then down to the Tram station for the end of the day, where we were doing turn vaults and Will decided he wanted to try and lazy turn vault. We didn’t really think anything bad would happen but as soon as he went for the lazy vault over the rail his hand slipped off the rail and then he fell to the floor with a loud thud landing on his side and winding himself. It looked horrible from my view of taking the photos. Flx and Adam said all they saw was him vault and then he disappeared over the rail. With that bail shaking Will up and some of us from turn vaulting it again we decided to call it a day and go home.


Sam - Front Tuck.


Martyn - Dash Vault.


Buttson - Palmspin.


Tim - On top of a wall.


Will - Air Pose.


Sark/ Ben - Air Pose.


Sam/ Red - Air Pose.


Nam - Jump to roll.


Sam - Front Tuck.


Zade (Me) - Rail Vault.


Zade (Me) - Straddle Handstand.


Luca - Front Tuck.


Flx - Strolling along.


Nick - Smiling.


Nam - Wallspin on tree.


Will - Catleap.


Martyn - Kong.


Luca - Front Tuck.


Sick Ed/ Mike - pointing.


Flx - Cherry blossom attack.


Adam - Headstand.


Will's Bail.



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