#27 – City Hospital Jam.


Zam – Wallspin.


I had spoke to Zam and Martyn (InTheLittleWoods) earlier in the week about a possible local training session seeing as they didn’t live too far from me and David. So today I met them up at the Bulwell Forest fields which was also near the Golden Ball pub (which is no longer there and has been rebuilt with flats). Zam only lived across the road and so once they both arrived myself and David showed them what we used to do in the area. We used to do precisions along each of the rocks on the near by park trying not to fail or fall off once and do them all in one go. It was hard at times as some of the angles they were at were really difficult to find a way to land without jumping off them again.

Further down was even more rocks which went along the whole field to stop people getting onto the area with cars, perfect for building up your precisions. It was fun to see Zam and Martyn try to do the whole circuit in one go and trying to workout what was the best way to navigate them. One part was particularly difficult as you could precision down to a small rock and cat back up to one the other side, both quite far precisions. The other option was to dead hang on a sign which arched up and over to the other rock. It had rungs in it but it was also very sharp and dug into the hands, although it was a far easier way of getting across.

We spoke about this area and how both of them had never thought about training here in all the years they had lived near by and the fact they used to train locally near there own house, Zam did a few back tucks on the grass. I also pointed out which rock it was that I had filmed David trying to do a front tuck off which he bailed and hurt his tail bone. We then had a walk to City Hospital which was another location me and David used to train at a lot in the early days of starting Parkour. We made our way over there walked through the woodlands behind the back of the houses on Hucknull Road.


Zade (Me) – Precision.


We started at an area me and David knew well there was a small stream, which had a gate opening and you were high up and then if you chose too you could do a running precision to roll over the stream or do it standing if you were more daring. This scared us so much when we first looked at it and still did when you first stand at the edge you think, ‘what if if slipped and fell into the water?’ When you are doing it you run full pace towards the gate and the edge of the wall not seeing anything until you take off, you then get some decent airtime and land and roll which feels amazing. Martyn and Zam looked at it just like we did the first time and thought we were mad for doing it, we gave them the standing option which they seemed to favour more.

The only problem with doing either of those is getting back over, you can take the long route of walking to either end of the stream, then crossing over and walking back or the quicker alternative was to tread on the stepping stones, jump up and grab the wall in dead hang and then do a climb up. It was impossible to do a climb up on this wall, me and David struggled immensely and so we used a pole which was part of a rail that had broke to help us climb and hoist up to the top of the wall, still a great effort and burnt the arms no end! I wish I was stronger so I could just lift up instantly, God knows how people in Parkour get so strong with things like climb ups. Zam did the standing precision and on his way back over treading on the stepping stones one went down into the water and moved causing him to panic and fall off the stone into the water and it all splash up into his face too. It was so comical and we couldn’t stop laughing at what just happened it was like some sort of cartoon with him hoping around on each leg balancing before finally falling.

It was great to be training locally and with other guys who also didn’t live to far away either, it had in some ways a real nostalgia to being out and in the area. We moved over to some steps and some white rails, I explained in the early days we used to run and jump down the steps or hill and finish with a roll. Not knowing what we were doing but just playing around with things and call it training. I got them to do the rail precision between the two white rails before moving down to a wooden bench where I decided to do some diving rolls over it.


Zam – Running jump to roll.


Zam waned to try a wallflip and told me he has them in gym but outside it is so scary to do so we spent ages at a wall waiting for him to build the courage to do it. He was testing the grip on the wall and the run up each time he said he was ready he would run the back out at the last moment before going for it. I waited in position to spot him in case anything did go wrong and he needed me to help him. Martyn was spurring him on to do one, in the end he went for one and he did it perfectly, I didn’t have to even push him over or anything. He went for another but went over his shoulder due to fear.

He then started to be afraid of them again after those two, as he went for the next one his foot went onto the wall but the other slipped on the floor and he backed out and didn’t want to do it and so he ended up going up. I tried to rotate him which ended up with me holding him and lowering back down with a bang, he was alright and we laughed about it but it was scary and could have been worse, after that we decided to move on.

Next area was a small shelter thing which we used to jump from a sloped hill onto the back of to practice catleaps on it and then 180 back to the top of the slope. It was great fun even if it did seem so small now. I showed the guys a tree which was great to do wall spins on and got them both to do some on a tree while I took photos of them, I love wall spins they are so easy and are a great movement to do in general. The day was coming to a close and Zam and Martyn had to leave and go meet someone so we said see you later and then myself and David walked to the front of the area doing precisions between some walls and doing the rail precisions before heading off home.


Zam – Back Tuck.


Bulwell Forest rocks.


Bulwell Forest rocks.


Zade (Me) – Running jump to roll.


David – Running jump to roll.


Zam – Precision.


Zade (Me) – Precision.


Martyn – Precision.


Zade (Me) – Dive Roll.


Martyn – Catleap.


Zam – Laughing.


Zam – Laughing still.


Zade (Me) – Treespin.


Martyn – Treespin.



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