#25 – Arnold View Training.


Adam - Tic tac cat.


Today myself, David, Flip, Jaws and Seanno had decided we were going to train in Arnold after Adam had offered to take us around his local area where he told us there are good areas for training and even an abandoned school which was due for demolition soon, so we had to train there before it was too late. We met up with Adam and then walked down to the Old Market Square so we could catch the 56 bus which took us into Arnold, we sat at the top of the bus talking to Adam about what areas he has and what to expect for training move wise. We got off the bus at Arno Vale and walked past Ernehale Junior School to which I asked Adam if there was anything to in there Parkour wise. After watching Jump London and the school they trained at and shown, it made you think that schools would be the prefect place for same level cat leaps, and they always seemed to have rials, benches and other things which are worth training on. Adam said the roofs are cool and there might be a few things to do but he has not been there in a while to be sure.

We walked through Derwent Crescent, where Adam showed us an open area with a few precisions and walls for vaults which we practised on briefly before carrying on walking to an alleyway which Adam said would be good for cat to cats, it was just off Gedling Road. It was a cool place to practice tic tac cats as the walls were not that far apart and had great grip. It was also great for 180 cats and cat to cats, a few of the slabs at the top were lose but over all a great place to train.

We then walked down a long road being assured that once half way up the other side we will have arrived at our destination, Arnold View school (which has since been demolished and is now a housing estate). It was a long walk and we were pleased when we finally arrived as the school was a massive complex with various floors and the walls looked perfect for Parkour, we hopped over the fence to the main area, there was walls to precision up to, kong over of different heights, there was also a skip where we practised doing a precision on, trying to stick it without falling off the other side. Adam wanted to show us that he could now do a dash vault and I got some photography of it which can be seen below, the rest of us trained on the near by walls and flip did a running diving kong of a lower wall to the higher one with a drop and roll.


Adam - Dash Vault.


After tiring of the first are and wanting to explore Adam walked us around the back of the complex where there were yet more walls, stair sets and gaps galore for us to practice on, it really was a Parkour paradise and it was sad to know that soon it would be demolished. We trained on the various steps doing precisions between the gaps, I did a few being careful I didn’t re-open my stitches on my shin.We all practised on a stair well which had a wall and a rail on top of it and you could do a catleap then go back and go a step further up, we all practised this and even had a go at a running catleap once it was too far for us to do standing.

Adam said there are loads of people who go inside of the school and trash it and mess around and we are all welcome to go inside to see what things we could find for Parkour. We entered the school hall and decided to use the apparatus for human flags, under-bars, and even used the stage for palm spins and precisions. The whole place was trashed with broken windows, ceiling falling through and props, chairs and brickwork  thrown all over.

While walking through the various floors of the school when we saw a hole in the ground which David got into for a photo and see if it led anywhere which it didn’t and we joked about what if something took him then what would we do? We found the art department which had dozens of paint filled pots, bags full of paint and brushes, some of the paint pots had been thrown all over while most of them had remained in tact. To get to the roof we had to climb up a ladder and through a hatch which was in this room we used the rusted ladder, it was fixed into place and wasn’t going to break. It was scary once up on the roof, it was so high up and looking over the edge with no protection felt crazy. There was also a massive snowman prop up here to which David grabbed and threw it off the edge, we watched it falling towards the floor only for it to swing and hit into the building due to it being connected to a wire, we didn’t realise at the time and wouldn’t have been cool if that wire had caught one of our legs and took use with it!


David - In the man hole.


Having seen enough we climbed back down through the art department, and then went through the other classrooms seeing if we could salvage anything of any use, I took a really good folder for storing all my drawings in along with loads of plastic A4 sheets. We went through draws and looked through books which were all over the place and even read and looked at graffiti which was on the walls, chairs and even a few desks which had been left in the empty class rooms. We walked back through the corridor and were drawn back to the paint pots and threw them around and were surprised when they acted like a smoke grenade making it hard to see, we then had the idea to use them all in a place which was enclosed. Adam suggested the school stairwell, it was perfect so we collected as much as possible, and then myself and David headed to the bottom while the rest threw the paint pots down the stairwell…

At first all you saw was a bit of coloured smoke flying through the air then as it landed it all the smoke came rushing towards us and we went through the glass doors and watched it all hit against the door and how dark and misty it was. We went inside shouting this is awesome and we joined the guys up stairs as we decided to have a paint war and did the stairwell smoke grenade thing again for the second time. The only difference was this time we all ran down once we threw all the paint over the stairwell rail and even a massive bucket full of paint. You could smell the paint and it was so cloudy and hard to see or breathe in it, it was a cool experience and we all couldn’t stop laughing from what we had just done.

Once we had got outside, we were all covered in pain dust and I got a few photos of how we all looked, it was good to be back outside and we began to train on the rails which surrounded the area. There was a high wall and we all tried jumping from the wall over a rail which was further away from the wall down on the ground. Today had been a great day of training and we had all enjoyed it, we did have plans to come back again a few weeks later but by that time it had already been fully demolished. Adam took us into Arnold where we passed some flats on the way which had a small raised wall to do flips off which if we could do one, Adam did a handspring over the wall. We also passed a pub which had some walls which could be used as a running precision which Flip sized up but didn’t do. We were getting ever closer to the centre of Arnold and we headed back to town for a bit more training before calling it a day and leaving for home.


Adam - Handspring.


David - Precision.


Adam - Precision.


Parkour Hotspot.


Parkour Hotspot.


Parkour Hotspot.


Adam - Dash Vault.


Zade - Precision.


Me - Dash Vault.


Flip - Diving Kong.


Jaws - Side Vault.


Jaws - Lazy Vault.


Flip - Palm Spin.


Zade - Human Flag.


School Roof.


David - contemplating.


Parkour Hotspot.


Parkour Hotspot.


David - catleap.


Jaws - In a tunnel.


Today's lesson is...


David - Covered in powder paint.


Me - Covered in powder paint.


Jaws - Covered in powder paint.


Flip - Running Catleap.



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