#22 – Mansfield and Npk Jam.


Sick Ed/ Mike - Running Gainer


It was the 19th of March 2005 and seeing as I had injured my shin the week before and had stitched inside and out, I was out of action for the mean time and it felt really tight as I walked around. Today I was out to take photos and just be with everyone. Mike was eager to show us his new move he had learnt which was gainers near Gray Walls, he gave them a few attempts always landing on his knees or very low on his feet. We had the idea that we should use a arrow sign we found as Mike did the gainer for effect, seen in a photo below.

We had Ben (Sark) & Sam (Red) out from Mansfield today too, Mike also brought along Damien who was into gymnastics and wanted to join use to train. We were helping him with precisions and he wanted to do the smaller precision at the Gray Walls area to which Tim and CK helped spot him and give him the courage to do it. We also used the tree for wall spins which Mike had now got in gym and could do outside which he was happy about, we walked down Bilbie Walk to train using the walls near the steps to tic tac down and up them.

By the time we got to the bottom of this area we were near Nottingham Trent University and we decided to train in that area and also show others where I had the shin accident which had incapacitated me. The red stairwell was the thing of fascination for us all, with some people holding flags, climbing up the steps and general vaulting and sliding down it like a fireman’s pole. Mike enjoyed doing big diving kongs and the other evening before I got injured he was doing them to a square table and was showing others how he could do it.

It wasn’t long before we got the front of the area and Sam wanted to hold a handstand on the bike rails and spent ages trying to do it, while others practised on the walls and rails close by. We moved over the road and to the Orange Walls area which had soft mossy grass for trying flips on and we spent some time here doing flips and watching others do them. We also use the wall structures round the corner for precisions and clearing one wall onto the grass.

People were hungry and we decided to go into the Old Market Square for some before heading over to Cat Alley area for more training. Mike wanted to scale the building and as he did he saw and heard some people who had came out in the alley way for a fag break and then shouted at him to get down. We also ended up heading through to the castle area for more training, climbing missions and having fun before calling it a day just after five o’clock.


Damian - Precision.


Sick Ed/ Mike - Wallflip.


Sick Ed/ Mike - Wallflip.


Sick Ed/ Mike - Wallflip.


Me & Sick Ed/ Mike.


Sick Ed/ Mike - Precision.


Sick Ed/ Mike - Diving Kong.


Sick Ed/ Mike - Precision.


Sam - Front Tuck.


Sam - Precision.


Pyro - Catleap.


Sick Ed/ Mike - Wallspin.


Tim - Wall climbing.


Sark/ Ben.


Sam/ Red.


Will - Tic Tac.


Buttson - Tic Tac.


Ck - Dead hang shimmy.


Human Flags.


On the stairwell.


Sam & Will - Hanging Around


Sick Ed/ Mike - Wallspin.


Sam - Posing.


Sam - Handstand.


Random girl walking.


Ck - Swinging.


Sick Ed/ Mike - Precision.


Sick Ed/ Mike - Climbing.


Ck - posing.


Sam - Front Tuck.


Sick Ed/ Mike - Layout.


Ck - climbing.


Sick Ed/ Mike - Wallspin.



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