#21 – Major Injury.

It had been a great Saturday training session as always, and we were all rather tired but myself, Sick Ed and some others decided to train again today. (Sunday 13th of March 2005).  We all loved to practice Parkour so much, not that we might get much done today with being so shattered from the previous day though.

It had been a good jam so far and time was getting on, it was getting dark already. We had just came from the Flats area and then walked through Trent University where all the wooden benches were for practising precisions. Precisions were one of the few movements I enjoyed the most with training, walls, rails heights or distance. I loved trying them all, each adding it’s own unique challenge. Sick Ed was busy doing the big diving kong onto the wooden table there which looked unreal on photos.

We moved around to the front of the area where there were two brick red walls both slopped towards each other rather than being flat on the top. It had a drop further along if you chose to do it over there.  Everyone had looked at the precision for a while at the most lowest drop point. Flx spend ages gauging the jump as you not only had to just jump across to the wall but first jump over a rail then land on slanted wall. After much contemplating Flx decided he was ready and went for it jumping and landing it with ease much to our amazement.

Sick Ed was next to stand up and then do the precision, I felt the pressure but did it afterwards feeling very pleased with myself. It had been a long day and I was so tired and aching all over, but I wanted to train more. I said to Sick Ed and the others ‘I’ll do it just once more then we’ll all head home’.


Injured Shin.


I asked what everyone thought to my statement and the majority said that I shouldn’t do it again because I was already very tired, it was also dark, misty and that was now making it damp. Despite these factors, being told I shouldn’t do the jump and even my own body telling me not to do it should have been a sign! I looked at the precision again, my body felt cold and I could no longer see the precision it was making me hesitant, I ignored all those signs and decided to go for it that one last time regardless.

I stood there sized up the precision and then jumped for it, as I landed I should have bounced off the wall like when you undershoot a jump as I jumped up too much and so under shot it. Being as stubborn as I am I wanted to remain on the wall to stick the precision and because it was slopped and the force I was pushing down onto the slope forced one of my legs to slip off the wall behind me causing my shin to scrap down it while my body weight remained forward.

I jumped off the wall after that in pain (Anyone that has shined anything in Parkour will know how much it hurts). I hated how much it hurt and everyone’s face were in shock to how I could have bailed it. Sick Ed said just go and jog it off, I limped, hopped and did my best to try to form a jog to try to take my mind of the pain. I said I can’t end on a bad precision and so I got back up on the wall and said I’ll do it again land it perfect and then finish the day on a positive…

This time was different though, I stood there thinking about the jump when I noticed my leg felt wet and hurt less but was more of an ache, I touched the leg of my combats to confirm they felt wet. I rubbed my fingers together and it felt sticky like sap. I rolled up my trouser leg which oddly enough seemed to be stuck to my leg!? As I lifted it up it was clear to me and everyone else that I had no shin just a big gaping bloody wound. All you could see was the my white porcelain-eske bone exposed to the world and my main arteries at the side of it pulsating, pumping blood around my body I could clearly see one red and one blue one. I could also see some of my ligament hanging from out from the wound, it looks disgusting some of the guys said while I was amazed by what I could see in some form of shock.


Freshly Stitched Shin.


Everyone’s  faces looked very serious and concerned for my well-being, everyone immediately told me to sit down. Some just stood there in as much shock as I was while others asked if I wanted them to call an ambulance for me. Even a member of the public walking by came over telling me to sit down so I’m not sick from the shock or make the injury any worse than it already is.

I felt no pain at all, it was just numb, there was a lot of blood and I sat there depressed thinking ‘this had to happen to me didn’t it’! I got up and asked Sick Ed to take some photos of the wound while we had time too. We then had to use my bandanna I was wearing to tie it tightly around my knee to slow the blood flow and stop it from bleeding as much. I was rather lucky I had not cut through one of my main arteries in my leg otherwise I would have been in trouble then. I made my way through town to be picked up from my mum after everyone said it was a stupid idea to catch a bus home while in that state.

Sick Ed and everyone else kept my spirits high, cracking jokes and kept asking if I was okay which I was, even if I was in shock about how this could have happened to me. As we walked along the streets passer-bys would shout ‘OMG!’ People in cars would slow down and stare at my exposed bloody leg wondering what had happened to me and why I was walking around in that state.




To say the least my mum wasn’t to happy about it all and it made her feel sick when she saw it once I got home. She didn’t want to even see it while driving me home due to panicking for me. Once in the house I had some food, drink and a much needed wee (must have been all the adrenaline). I sat on the sofa saying I would be alright tomorrow and it should be all okay once it heals, not really thinking about how bad it was. Meanwhile my mum was going on about what we should do as she can’t take me to hospital due to being too scared for me. At the same time my Nanna had come over to see if I was okay and her being a retired nurse had a good look at the wound and told me it was a good one, not fazed by it at all unlike my mum.

My mum said I have to go to the hospital as everything was exposed and would go septic if I left it how it was as it needed sorting out. She phoned for an ambulance to pick me up and they came and checked me over and said it’s quite a nasty one and I might need a skin graph for it if it’s unable to be stitched up, news I didn’t want to hear.

Once in hospital I was waiting hours to be seen, while my shin bled and trickled down my leg and all over the floor. Finally after much boredom and waiting for five hours I was finally seen. Only to then be told I had to wait even longer for someone to come from somewhere else that can stitch me up as most were off duty. One more hour later and the person finally arrived and I had to have several injections into the actual wound to clean it out. Painful having a needle injected into the sore parts of my wound.

I then had some more injections to numb the muscle inside so it could be sown together and then some more for the outside skin so that could also be sown. The injections made my eyes water as they really hurt when going deep into my wound. Once the anaesthetic kicked in the nurse began to sown my muscles together from inside and then slowly made her way to sowing the outside skin together. Once done my leg felt very tight as there was just about enough skin for her to have sown it up, any less and I would most certainly needed a skin graph. She said I needed to be very careful or it will tear and re-open the wound and then I would need a skin graft for sure. Something which I did not want to have done!


Healing Slowly.


The reason I could not feel any pain after the trauma was because on the initial impact and scrap it had taken out all my nerve endings and so that meant I could feel no pain at all. (Perhaps a blessing in disguise?) They said the nerves might grow back over time but it is unlikely they will if at all and I will have to see years down the line.

The moral of the story is if I had listened to my body telling me it had enough and everyone else’s judgement too. I would have been injury free and non the wiser of what could have happened. Also if I had landed and let myself bounce off the wall I would have been just as well. I guess we all go through experiences and this is a learning curve which was needed so I know my limits and what to look out for.

The photos Sick Ed took when it was a big gaping wound all came out really blurred and dark due to it being dark and the fact we didn’t know how to use the camera proper. I was so angry and gutted about that when I got home and had a look. It’s not like I could do it again just for the photos!


The Wound did go infected at one point and started hurting more than ever, looking really red and angry, it also oozed yellow and green gunk to which had to be sorted when going to the doctors.

Even now years down the line I still can’t feel pain in my shin as the nerve endings never grew back. I do feel a dull ache ten minutes or so later if I do back it against anything. I have to be careful as if I cut that area again I will have no feeling and so won’t know about it. This injury put me out for months and took ages before I could take impacts again.


Scar Forming.



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