#18 – Rail Precisions Conquered.

The Saturday training Jam wasn’t that productive, it seemed to be rather boring in fact with no many people out. We started as always at Gray Walls and Zam did an aerial off the phone box, which is high if you have even stood on top of it, the photo looked great! Also it was good to see something else being done off it that a back layout. Myself, Flip and David were practising dive rolls over Gray Walls, something I never really practised outside but they felt really nice and quite easy once you get over the fear of them.

Another great achievement for me was I finally got the smaller UN precision at height done. I felt really pleased with that achievement due to all the people I had seen do it, it made me want to do it but I never had the bottle to go for it. I have been practising rail precisions a lot recently with Flx as that is his favourite move to do and it has given me great confidence for doing rail precisions in general, just practising on any one we came across. I stood up there on the rail, at first you feel so off balanced and scared like you will fall off and get hurt. Then it gets easier the longer you are up there and more balance drills you do walking along the rail at height. Then you always have good balance and the drop no longer becomes an issue due to being conditioned to it.

I could see the rail and the distance was in range. It felt like the rail would drift towards me then back into place as I stared at it, this always happens when you are ready for a precision jump, well I have found at least. It meant it was time, I no longer had to put this off, my heat was beating ten to the dozen, my hands clammy as he adrenaline pumped through my veins. I wasn’t aware of people watching me or the traffic around me which drove past very close and loudly, everything was blocked out, I focused only on the rail. I could visualize myself doing it then I leant forwards rolling my toes of the edge of the rail as my last thought was ‘What if I don’t make this?’ then I jumped and my feet extended and hit the rail perfectly and I bounced off the other side of the rail.


Zade (Me) - Precision.


It felt amazing to have just jumped between the two rails with the added height as danger. I walked back around to stand up on the rail once again composing myself, this time it wasn’t scary. I didn’t have any fears and did the precision once more nearly sticking it slightly off balance bouncing off it again. I then kept doing the precision over and over again until I stuck it perfectly.

Not only did I do this precision, I also decided to look at the one from the wall to the slanted rail. I had seen this for a long time and so had Flx. I was dying to get it done before him, again I could see the precision the only problem was the rail was horizontal with only room for one foot then it slanted down, I didn’t really want to be doing a precision on the slanted part. I did a few reps from the rail to wall then got ready to do it to the rail. Again my heart was pounding, I was still on a high from doing the other precision and said to myself I can do this, and then jumped towards the rail. In the end, I landed on the flat piece of the rail precise and  doubled footed – my feet could just about fit on while overlapping each other. It felt amazing and then I practised it some more and couldn’t wait to tell Flx what I had done then see him having a try at it. I started to do the precision and landing more in a pistol squat, which took some skill to do and balls. At times I would land in the squat and then have to walk off the rail due to not having enough strength to hold myself up, other times it would perfect.

The only precision that was left now was the bigger nine and a half foot one. I always looked at this and even now I could sort of see it but it was still out of my range. One day I would get it and I wanted to do it before Flx! I also did a few precisions at the IBM area. The bigger plant pot precisions which always looked so big but now I was able to do it quite easy.


Zade (Me) - Dive Roll.


Zade (Me) - Railspin.


Zade (Me) - Rail Precision.


Zade (Me) - Precision.


Zade (Me) - Precision.


Zam - Aerial.


Tim - Precision.


Tim - Diving Kong.



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