#15 – Mid-week Holiday Jam.

Today a few of us decided to go training with it being the school and college holidays. It made a change to go out training in the week, we wanted to explore and train areas we hadn’t trained before. So we started off at the blue rails area, which felt strange to train at first as we always started at Gray Walls. Nam did a few rail flips some which failed, while others looked really good. This was while we all tried the rail precisions and general vaulting.

We ended up moving to UN where John wanted to nail the diving kong over the small UN wall and spent ages nearly getting it. He was really determined and wanted to stay until he did get it properly, when he did he was so happy. Sam was trying to delay them as well as trying to do a triple touch kong and kong to handstand. We also went up to the top level of the car park to train on the walls there doing kongs, the precisions at height for a change before deciding to take a walk along the canal and then to the tram station. Where we practised the turn vaults over the first level drop, kong to rolls and flags.

It wasn’t long until we returned back into town and near Nottingham castle area, exploring some caves we had seen near the Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem. They were all fenced off so instead we took a group photo before going back to the Inn and trying all the bench precisions there and moving up to the castle training on the rails before calling it a day.


Sam - Diving Kong.


Flip - Lazy Vault.


Flip - Lazy Vault.


Zade (Me) - Precision.


Npk group photo 16/02/2005.


Nam - Railfip.


John - Diving Kong.


Nam - Portrait.


John - Diving Kong.


Sam - Human Flag.


Flip - kong to roll.


Sam - Human Flag.



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