#14 – A Jam With Chimera.


Zade (Me) - Air Pose.


A guy called Chimera and his mate Mentalist had decided to come to Nottingham to train with us guys after saying they would to for quite some time. What with it being a Sunday most of us were tired from yesterdays training, but we felt the need to come out show the guys around and what we could do. We met them at the train station and then from there went to UN to train for a bit before taking them to Cat Alley which was great for catleaps hence the name.

Today was bitterly cold again and I felt freezing even even with multiple layers on the wind would cut straight through you, I don’t think it was the best day they could have came out in all honesty. The guys did next to nothing training wise and said it was far to cold and they should have stayed at home, instead they talked to us and watched us train. They weren’t dressed for training either and were in jeans and combats and even a shirt.

We trained on the black rail at Cat Alley and also used the same rail for the catleaps and made our way further down so it go harder by getting further apart distant wise and higher up. Most of the guys found it hard to balance on the rail never mind being able to make the jump for the catleap. We made our way to Gray Walls and the Royal Concert Hall to show the guys a few more areas we train at and what we do in those areas.

It wasn’t too long until they felt so perished that they decided to call it a day after only being in Nottingham for a few hours and headed back off to the train station. They wanted to head home and to get warm again and said they wasn’t feeling like training even when they headed over to us in the morning. The rest of us feeling rather warm since we had been training non stop and carried on training for a few more hours to make the most of the day.


David - Lazy Vault.


Zade (Me) - Catleap.


Matt - Catleap.


Nam - Front Tuck.


Tim - Under Over.


David - Catleap.


Chez - Portrait.


Chimera - Catleap.


Tim - Close up.


Flip - Turn Vault.


David & Flip.


Mentalist & Chimera bored.


Tim - Kash Vault


Tim - Kash Vault.


Nam - Portrait.


Mentalist - Portrait.


Tim - Diving Kong.


David - Lache.



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