#10 – Evening Training.


It gets dark quite early with it being winter, not to mention it is freezing too! While I was on logged into MSN some bright spark naming no names Flx! Had the idea that he wanted to go out and train tonight. Shortly afterwards CK pipped up about he also wanted to train and he wanted to join if we were going out to train. I said to them it would be best to hit UN, what with it being so cold outside. UN had a giant wall which surrounding it which acted like a wind barrier plus it had good lighting in the evening. We all agreed to meet up in UN for 18.30, with that in mind I logged out of my MSN.

It was already nearly 17.30 so I had to get ready in a rush to make it there in time! All that remained was getting through the peak hour traffic, which could prove a problem. The people out this evening would be myself, Flx, Ck, Chez, David & Flip.

Myself and David got to UN there early in the end as there was next to no peak hour traffic when we headed into town. We were joined shortly after by Ck and Flx. Chez was running late as usual and said via text he wouldn’t be out until later in the evening the same went for Flip.

We all warmed up doing various vaults over the rails and getting ready for the night ahead. (Which was pretty hard to do with it being so cold that you shiver constantly). The weather was freezing and had a bitter ice-cold wind which sent a shudder down your spine each time it hit you. Even with multiple layers on you could still feel the cold trying to get through.


UN Area.


It was good to be in UN as the massive concrete wall which surrounded the area blocked out most of the wind and worked as an insulator to give us some warmth along with the booming heat from the outside lights which beamed down on us. The lights lit up the area which was perfect for training. It felt rather different training at night then it does in the day and a bit spooky because any random person could use this area as a cut through and try something if they wanted too.

Flx was busy practising the smaller rail precision which was at a height in a half a square shape, it proved hard to stick with it being dark your perception gets worse with less lighting. CK was doing diving kongs over the lower wall and me and David were practising handstands and doing some vaults over the near by rails.

Just under an hour had passed and soon after Flip and Chez arrived to join the training session. We stayed for another hour in UN then decided to look around the corner at a roof which we thought was possible to climb up to via a drain pipe. Once there it looked and felt like it had vandal grease to stop people from doing the exact thing we had wanted to do.

We reverted back to training in the main area of UN trying some dynos and some cat to cats which were quite fun. Out of no where a guy emerged from the shadows, he was tall, smoking and had some massive headphones on. He took a moment to see what all of us were up to, with us being in a big group he seemed rather interested in what it was all about. He then came over to talk to us, we told him what we were doing and he seemed happy to learn a few moves from us and joined us for a spot of training.


Zade (Me) - Turn Vault.


His name was Isaac and he was telling us how he used to be into skateboarding and inlining in the past, so he’s used to doing more spinning based moves and Parkour seems really cool and he wouldn’t mind getting into it, so we gave him the details to the website so he could hook up with us in the future if he wanted too.

We all ventured across the road and had a look around the canal area where all the pubs and clubs were. We did a few cat leaps and 360 wall hops on the near-by walls, Flx then did a beefy downwards rail precision which had us all amazed! He did it again only for the rail to sound like it broke, on a closer inspection it was obvious he had dented the rail from the downwards force. Shortly after a friendly security guard came out to talk to us and politely asked use to move on, not noticing the dented rail which we thought he might.

Over the other side of the canal we did a few precisions on the benches and walked over the wooden bridge and down to the courts area for more vaults. We also spoke about the time when me and flx did the downwards canal precision. We walked across the road to a rather posh area which happened to be the inland revenue buildings. (Not that we knew this at the time).


Flx & Ck - Roll teaching.


A guard was quick to come out and see what we was up to and with it being private property and the inland revenue we couldn’t stay and got told to move. We proceeded to go back to the canal area then made our way to the bollards practising more precisions and slowly made our way to the tram station stair set.

After a little session of turn vaults over the rail of the first level and trying to hold a human flag we walked down to the courts area across the road from broadmarsh Bus station. Here we practised some flow and general Parkour techniques. David then had the idea of trying a double leg and we watched his attempts in great fits of laughter as he bailed each and every time. (It looked like he was being hit by an invisible car as he flailed in the air then onto his side).

It was getting late into the night and we decided to head home, as we walked through the Broadmarsh bus station as a cut-through we bumped into Sticky (Johnny) from UF who was on his way back home and was just waiting for a bus. We spoke to him and he gave us all a free local paper which he had been in a few days before then we said our goodbyes and left for home.


Flx - Turn Vault.


Ck - Diving Kong.


UN Area.


Flx & Ck - Explosion.


Flx - Parkour roll.


Ocean nightclub sign.


Chez - Kong.


Ck - jump to roll.


Flx - Angry look.


Chez - Precision.


Ck - Shin bail.


Zade (Me) - Air Pose.


David - Bailing.


Ck - Relaxing.


Chez - Kong


Flx - Cat crawling.


Flx - Stood high.


Ck - Balancing.


Zade (Me) - Precision


Flx - Precision.


Zade (Me) - 360° Wallhop.


Ck & Flx - Talking.


Zade (Me) - Catleap.


Zade (Me) - Dash Vault.


Npk Group Photo.


Npk Group reading paper.


Ck - Palm Spin.


Flx hiding behind his support.


Flx holding his wrist.


Ck - Rail Balance.


Flx - On the move.




Flx & Ck.


David - Handstand.


Chez - Air pose.


Ck - Tic Tac.


Chez - Air pose.


Ck & Flx on bridge.


Chez - Climbing.





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