#8 – Russell the Photography.


Today we had a photographer called Russell (Russ) out to take photos of us today and he was planning on shadowing us for a few weeks to get as much photography of Parkour as he could. We started training at Trent University, using the green rails and then round into the court yard using the rails, benches and walls. The massive stairwell was today’s highlight of the training session, we used it in a variety of ways. It looked so normal yet we wanted to use it for Parkour, the things we ended up doing was climbing and sliding down the singular pole as well as trying to hold flags without any avail.

It wasn’t long until we all decided to walk to get some food and go into the Old Market Square, which was great for Parkour with all the walls that surrounded it of different levels. As we arrived I wanted to Dash vault the biggest concrete structure, which I had only learn a few nights before plucking the courage to do it! It was really awesome as you felt like you were flying in the air for ages then you would hit the wall and push off, it felt great. Russ got some photos as did everyone else who stood around filming and videoing the feat. I have no idea what the public thought walking by when they saw me sprint full pelt pass and then jump towards a wall. In one of the photos of me doing a dash you can see some of the reactions.


Zade (me) - Dash Vault.


We went to another great area we called Blue Rails which was just two blue rails besides a pub. They were great for doing precisions on and general vaults, there was also a tic tac catleap from a tree to a window ledge and a massive precision from one of the blue rails to a blue wall not that anyone had done it yet, we had looked but it just seems impossible! Jan was out today and was always a joker and kept us laughing with this randomness, him and Mike together were always playing of each other and were very similar in humour.

We suggested crossing the road to an alley way which we called Cat Alley and had a blue rail, sloping down which you could use for catleaps and the distance increased as well as the height. We also went round the corner to see what we could find apart from a big catleap form a rail over a driveway leading down to a garage. There were loads of pinkish read stairwells to which Jan being a rock climber started to climb. Mike saw a different challenge a yellow cleaning van and behind it was small wall leading up to it. Mike suggested before we leave the area that I get a photo of him running and clearing the van.


Sick Ed/ Mike - Jump to roll.


It wasn’t long before we moved to the castle area and started training on the green rails doing precisions from the benches to the rail and in reverse too. There was some blue bike rails which Flx started doing precisions across, trying to link them together without falling off in the process. We walked through Peoples College (currently known as Castle College) where Flx decided to do a blue rail precision he had seen a few times but wanted to do it this weekend. It was scary as the landing rail was very thin and also rounded. I had a look at it but didn’t want to do it as I couldn’t see it and it was a scary rail. It was crazy how comfortable Flx was with rail precisions, they didn’t phase him at all.

It started to get dark and as usual we ended up training at UN, which was the local spot to train when it was raining, dark or cold. We did various vaults over the rails, some catleaps and 180 catleaps and I even did a few wall spins on the pillars there. We got a group photo too which I thought was a good idea to get each training session to show who had attended and been apart of the session, we had it in the half a square railed area.


Flx - Sat.


Most people had decided to leave now and head home while others still wanted to train. We went up to the top level of the car park to train in the process of running up the stairs and through the different levels of the car park we hid behind a wall away from Mike, who came out of the top level door and we could here him shout ‘c’mon guys, why do you have to be such dicks running away?’ said in a jesting tone. He could hear us laughing behind a wall and we all popped up laughing. We walked over to the other side which had all fans to see if there was anything worth training on which there wasn’t.

We trained the precisions in the darkness from wall to wall trying to get used to the height, and also did some cat crawling, and precisions between the car parking lines and compared precision distances and how we could improve them. We also spoke about training in general, what we thought of the Jump Britain crowd who now train with us and where we wanted to be in the future with training. On that note we decided to call it a day and head home as it was now five o’clock.


If looks could kill!


Zade (Me) - Straddle Vault.


Sick Ed/ Mike - Dash Vault.


Zade (me) - Dash Vault.


Matt - Side Vault.


Sick Ed/ Mike - Precision.


Flx - Precision.


Flx - Precision.


Chez - Vert Vault.


Flx - 180° cat.


Zade (Me) - Wall spin.


Zade (Me) - Wall spin..




Npk Group.


Zade (me) - Dash Vault.


Flx - Laying down.


Zade (Me) - Precision.


Chez - Quadrupedie.


Chez - precision.


Will - Pole Slide.


KP - Stood on the rails.


Pyro - Holding a pole.


Jan - Wallspin.




Jan - Tic Tac Cat.


Jan the poser.


Jan the climber.


Russ the photographer.


Flx - disorientated.


Nam - Posing.


Jaws - Side Vault.


Will 270° Cat.




Sick Ed/ Mike.





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