#5 – Winter Training & A Digital SLR Camera.


The end of an era as I ditch the film camera and join the modern world with a digital SLR camera (Fujifilm FinePix S7000) being the camera of choice after I wanted to get into photography properly. My camera was meant to have been a Christmas present but I had been allowed to have it early after much persuasion. I said to my mum that I needed to test it to see if it works and that it is the what I wanted. I have been trying to work out all the complex settings, I doubt if I will ever figure it all out! Still it feels great to take photos and not have to go and get the film developed. It takes really good pictures compared to what I am used to using. It’s a shame about the weather being so dark and gloomy all the time as it really does blur my shots and hamper the quality of the photos. Perhaps there is an answer to that by me pressing some button or changing a setting, still I have no idea on that front and perhaps I should try reading the instructional manual!

I took it out training with me and met up at the Royal Concert Hall at the usual time of 11am, Sick Ed had arrived after gymnastics and we began to train and test out my new camera. Magua had also bought a compact digital camera and wanted to take photos too. Mike started with a few flips and then some running Tic Tac’s on the Concert Hall walls before we moved over to Gray Walls area to train. At Gray Walls I was busy taking photos, the day was bitterly cold. though and my fingers were going numb the longer I was stood around taking photos. I wanted to show Mike that I had learnt how to wallspin after only learning it a few days ago and telling Mike who was in disbelief to my claims. I found a slanted tree and prepared for the move, jumping up, touching the tree with my hands positioned on it while arching my body to the side when my feet left the ground. It felt odd, but I knew if I could do it on this slanted tree I’d be able to do it anywhere. I hadn’t even tried it on any other object apart from a wooden flat fence I had learnt it on while landing on a unused mattress, never mind landing on grass or concrete.


A picture is worth a thousand words

A picture is worth a thousand words


Mike asked to see me do one, I thought well it’s now or never and ran towards the tree with my heart in my mouth and the adrenaline pumping through my veins, not knowing what the outcome would be. I stomped on the ground and jumped off my feet while placing my hands together on the tree simultaneously feeling my body turn over my hands and I let go with one hand to allow my feet to come back down, executing the wallspin perfectly just like I had visualized in my mind. Everyone clapped, went crazy and came over to congratulate me. Mike was amazed I had taught myself this move and also wanted to learn them too. I went over to a perfectly vertical tree, hoping to replicate what I had just done on the slanted tree, to my delight I did and it felt just as great as the one before. All I needed was some photos of the movement. Mike got hyped up and decided to try one on the slanted tree and asked how to do one. He gave it a few attempts falling on the floor but understanding how it was done, he said he would practice it at gymnastics next time and then he should be able to do them outside after.

I had learnt the wallspin a couple of nights before by putting a unused mattress on the floor next to a wooden flat fence in David’s garden. Since first seeing the move on video I wanted to learn it and spent an hour jumping off the springy mattress from running and standing throwing myself at the fence, looking like a car had just hit me. I would land on my side, ass and even my head at times, it was funny to see me and David trying to get them. It made no sense and we had no one to show or to guide us. I would sit down and watch the video over and over again studying it. Every time I would jump up and put hands on the fence then my hands would slide off due to there not being enough pressure or as soon as my legs got above me I would fall onto my knees, at times we would start to spin but would let go of our hands and just fall to our knees.


Zade (Me) – Wallspin on a tree.


It was a long process but in the end I got more and more used to the movement and left my hands on the fence for longer and started to land on my feet after the spin. I felt elated and amazed I had taught myself this awesome move. I wanted to know I had it consistently and spent more hours practising it, each time I would stumble, landing on my feet first and I would shout in joy. David nearly had them too but called it a day after having enough through frustration and watched me, trying to help me out the best he could. It was more about the speed of the spin so I would throw my bodyweight over my hands. then I moved the mattress so I was using the concrete to take off but land on the soft mattress if anything went wrong. The green electricity boxes surrounding the Gray Walls were one of the things we used for doing vaults over as well as the surrounding walls, dash vaults, kongs, diving kongs, speed vaults and palm spins were the normal practice. It had became our main area to practice upon and perfect for all levels of skill, you would get odd looks from the public who walked by, but we didn’t care we were doing something which we were passionate about.

I have recently wanted to learn a dash vault which Mike first did the other week and it looks amazing! I’ve never seen anything like it before, me and Chez were very impressed! It’s one thing to be able to vault a wall doing a lazy vault, kong etc but to jump over a wall legs first then push off with the hands just seems madness! I don’t know if I would have the bottle to even try them as of yet, I think the easiest way would be to try and hurdle over the object and try and feel for the wall afterwards. If that fails I think I’ll try and jump into lazy vaults and slowly turn them to more head on and see how that helps with me learning them. I want to be able to do more than just side vaults and poorly excited kong vaults.


Sick Ed/ Mike – Dash Vault.


Mike has been getting better with his back tucks now, compared to how they were when I first met him. He would stand on a wall or the ground for ages getting psyched up then he would jump up, rotate and then land on his knees or on all fours, now though he can land on his feet. I used to stand there in amazement at how he could force his body to go over backwards in the air, he would go a full circle around much like how a swimmer would do it underwater but then he would land on his knees. (Maybe one day I to could do one, I would really love to do something as cool as that). I really do want to be able to do some kind of flip, trying to do front tucks is hard and always results in me landing on my arse or back and it being more like a dive roll. It’s so frustrating and yet I have no idea how to change this or make it any better rather than throwing my body around aimlessly.

We ended up heading to our other local training area UN, practising vert vaults which Chez was very good at. We vaulted the rails there and just had a good time in each others company, we also ventured up to the top level of the car park to see what we could find there. The walls were really stony and almost slippery, they were also ribbed so it was hard to even use them for anything other than landing on. What with the day still being so nice we decided to go to QMC to train where Jan and Sticky would meet up with us once there. We arrived at the subway across from QMC doing the precisions which scared us and looked at how easy Sticky made them look. He also took us across the road to the bigger subway were one of his old videos was filmed.

Mike decided to give the same level catleap a go and counted down and got it done, even if he did slide into a dead hang. Shortly afterwards we were told to move on and leave by security and Sticky said we would and with this we walked over to Highfields where there was a giant spider web climbing frame. We all climbed on it and jumped from the different levels of it slowly ascending towards the top, until one of us chickened out, in the end only Mike was the only one to jump from the very top. It had been a really great day of training and we were all feeling really tired and made the walk back to the bus stop to be able to get back into town and set off home. It wasn’t as bad for Mike as he only lived ten minutes walk from this area, while the rest of us had a long journey home.


Sick Ed/ Mike – Tic Tac.


Sick Ed/ Mike – Diving Kong.


Sick Ed/ Mike – Running Gainer.


Chez – Vert Vault.


Sick Ed/ Mike – Wallflip.


Sick Ed/ Mike – Same Level Catleap


Jan – Running Precision.


Jan – Catleap Position.


Sick Ed/ Mike – Jump To Roll.


Sick Ed/ Mike – Diving Kong.




Zade (Me) – 2005.





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