A bag of Chalk, OJ & Pull-ups.


David – Tic Tac Precision.


I was rather disappointed that no one had posted up in the Nottingham Parkour Park group saying that they were out training today. It seemed that Elliot was far too busy loving off his air flaring men to be out himself today, a new found B-boy passion it seems. No Jack this week either, it would seem that he is dropping off the grid and there was no Sark either. I decided I might as well stay home, as everyone I had asked about training came to no avail. Steve had invited me to join him for his weekly bike ride, but seeing as I had only just woke up, it would be hours until I would be ready to go anywhere and it wasn’t that long until he was setting off out anyway. I didn’t really fancy riding a bike all day, doing a leg based workout, that and my ankle may have been sore from it being still fairly fresh from the operation too. My mindset was one of a lazy person, from an excited training state of mind, I quickly fell into a dull, bored state. It wasn’t until later on when I was browsing the Parkour park group that I saw Owen had posted that he wanted to come out to train from 2.30pm, with that I had less than forty five minutes to get ready. I was glad in many ways that I had someone to train with, but not so glad for the rushing around I had to do in the meantime to be on time. I arrived on this sunny day to find David already out training and a towering, tanned henchness with him. David informed me that this guy, Lewis was out today to see what the park was all about and he had mentioned he knew me. I couldn’t place him, I vaguely remember the name and then I realized it was the same dude who had asked about the park training sessions a few weeks ago and was from down south, Torquay way. If I had known he was down I would have been out earlier, he had come by while the sun was out as he was on his way to visit family in Doncaster and so took a detour here.

Lewis was already very physically strong and ahead of most, to say that he had only recently transitioned into callisthenic training. He could already do nice muscle ups after a small tweak to them, he was amazed that he could do them on these bars double armed as at other places he had them one at a time. He also had strong pull ups, dips and press ups, with a keen interest in learning some more of the Parkour based movements. I showed him the basic movements and some of the more stranger workout ones too, Owen had arrived and was eager to workout, and thrilled to see a fellow big man out. There was much man love going on, muscle ups galore now and I was envious I still hadn’t got my doubled armed ones back yet. My lats were still pretty sure from the other day from doing some dips then holding the bars across me and you walk out until horizontal and then walk back to a dip. It’s easier to see it in action rather than explaining here in the blog. Lewis mentioned he had some resistant bands, which can be used for pull ups and muscle ups and that sometime he will bring them along for us to try some time as they can really help with reps and technique. Chris was out today too along with his cousin, some fellow street workout guys I have got to know when both training the park at similar times. They were often at the park training, more focuses on pull ups, dips and press up routines. Today was very busy at the park and even on the field, it felt like a kids sports day… Continue reading ‘A bag of Chalk, OJ & Pull-ups.’

The Pain Which Comes…


Elliot – Back Tuck.


The pain which comes from working out never ceases to amaze me. No matter how well conditioned you are, if you push hard you will always get (DOMs) that delayed onset muscle soreness. Some love that feeling while others hate to suffer in that pain. It has been around a month now since my ankle surgery and I decided seeing as I was able to walk very slowly at best that I would take a wander over to the park and test how it feels outdoors. Obviously it’s still very swollen and painful, but it’s getting better slowly but surely and today I would be able to gauge how it was as a whole after some normality use. The biggest issue I had was getting there, it was a very long and slow pace, being careful not to place my foot in any awkward positions or down any grooves in the pavement along the way. Mobility within my ankle is very limited and so if it does bend more than normal, even from walking it hurts as if I had taken a stabbing to the foot. It felt great to be outdoors again, having done nothing for a month, I felt unfit again and weak. The good news is my shoulder didn’t feel as sore as it has in the past, since tearing the ligaments in it. I’m hoping that all the rest meant it has healed or is well on the way to being healed now.

We met at twenty past four, later than most sessions we have had in the past, sure usually met at two o’clock but this was much later, it seems we are meeting up later and later as the year goes on. There were masses of kids swarming the park and it seemed like no one would be out training today and this had all been a wasted journey. Adam arrived along with his friend Jack, but were both intimidated by the masses of kids in the way, cluttering up the park. There were also lots of people standing and watching in general as the guys moved around the park training. Later on Kezza arrived, riding in on his bicycle and I was even more surprised to see Stefano crossing the field to join in on the training session! Things were looking up, the group was expanding and it was one of those days where people felt drained and not in the mood to jump around until the park had cleared a bit. Seeing as Jack wanted to do front tucks we moved over to the field so he could try some and Stef said he could help him with his technique. Kezza hadn’t done tricks in ages and it all felt a bit alien to him now, as he had been used to working out and training Parkour instead.


Kezza – Front Tuck.


The front tuck attempts from Jack were low and without a tuck, resulting in him landing on his ass and/or back, but props to him for even trying them on flatland. We all used to land like that in the beginning of our tricking careers and it was funny to think how far people come with constant training. I got my camera out and took photos of the guys tricking, it felt quite refreshing shooting images on the field compared to the park. I also had an itching for wanting to do tricks too (not that I could in my current state) I wanted to know if I could still do some as it had been two or more years since I had last be able to do a trick. I experimented with some macro shots focused on the grass, while having the guys blurred in the background tricking. Some of these shots seemed to work really nicely, I felt on fire with my photography again, even a few silhouette images looked good too. Continue reading ‘The Pain Which Comes…’

Surgery, it’s time!





So today was the day of my ankle surgery, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t worried about it and got a good nights sleep… It had been a strange old few weeks, I knew I had to have this procedure done and even with this, I had a certain calm about it all. I wasn’t worried in the weeks up to my operation so much so that I wasn’t having sleepless nights. I wasn’t fretting with it on my mind constantly the days and weeks before, I was at peace with what needed to happen. I took each day as it came, even if most of those were very late nights, resulting in me getting to bed at stupid o’clock in the early hours of the mornings. These silly times made it even harder to get some decent sleep when it came to the night before my surgery! I went to bed at midnight due to having to fast and was still awake at three o’clock, only to have to get up at five o’clock for my last drink of water before fasting from fluids too. I then had to be up at six o’clock to get ready and be at hospital before half past seven, only to then be delayed and late due to a traffic accident, sadly it seemed like it was going to be one of those days and may only get worse…

I finally got there at quarter to eight, not before rushing from one side of the hospital to the other in order to get to the ward I needed to be at, worrying that I might not get operated on if I was late. It was lucky seeing as the consultants were running late too, no doubt due to the same traffic accident I passed on my way there. I got my questionnaire filled out and then had my name tags put on both wrists and was told an anaesthetist would be round shortly to talk me through what will happen. A few more basic questions and I was told I would be the second patient to be operated on, with the first being a very quick and simple procedure and with that I was told they would see me soon. I was still very quiet and calm, I had nothing to be frightened of. Continue reading ‘Surgery, it’s time!’

Sweat, Pain & Calluses


Kezza – Muscle Up.


Today was going to be an evening of pain, featuring myself, Andy, Kezza and Steve. Not that at that time we knew that it would be just that… On a different subject matter, it wouldn’t be long now until I have my ankle operation (a little over a weeks time) and I would be lying if I said it wasn’t playing on my mind now. I didn’t want to be stuck in a hospital, I didn’t want a operation when I have been having so much fun and even been able to train at times like the old days and enjoying my freewill. It will happen and all will be fine, but I won’t be happy about missing possible great days out due to it though! I woke up fairly late in the afternoon and it only added to my grumpy mood ( I hate waking up late when I have planned to go out early) not only this, but the fact my stomach seemed to be upset. It was a lovely, dry, sunny day and I wanted to be out training, not have a stomach pain and having to sit on the toilet numerous times. It had been a week since the last time I had been out training due to what appeared to be a monsoon season of rain.

I asked if Kezza wanted to be out today as I hadn’t posted anything up in the Nottingham Parkour Page like I usually did for people to respond to. It didn’t look like anyone was out today either, as the page has no posts. He was up for being out later in the day as he was busy tomorrow and so it would be better for him to be out today, though with us both being so lazy we decided to meet later on in the evening for training. Steve was also cool with that, not like he is ever on time or anything though… Elliot was a maybe, but I didn’t hold my breath on that. I expected it to be just the two of us out with Steve arriving late in the evening when we were about ready to leave. So I was surprised when Andy popped up on Facebook chat and asked if I was still going to be out as he decided to sack in revision for some Parkour park action for a few hours as a break.

I was running slightly late and as I was crossing the field expecting to see everyone already there jumping around, I noticed there wasn’t a single person on the park until I was half way across the field then saw Kieran riding into the park, shortly followed by Andy. It seems we had all timed that perfectly right. Training was as usual, mainly working out with some Parkour thrown into the mix. At one stage Andy did a diving kong to the railing of the small stump but his hand had slipped off the railing and he did some awkward diving roll onto the floor. This wasn’t his only bail from the day though, later on he was doing a big standing precision and on landing, both his feet slipped forwards taking it near enough up his ass and rode the stump all the way down his back and then finally rolled off it, by far the most horrible looking bail of the day and very funny to see too. Luckily a third bail didn’t happen and I think it was sensible to call it a day when he did.


Kezza – Muscle Up.


For once the park was really quiet, it was refreshing to be there when no one was around. It was still very strange for a Sunday evening to be so empty. Kezza was busy trying to perfect his kip up / up start muscle ups, which were getting nicer by the day, while Steve was practising to do the lache on the bars. He got it a few times, but then started to get a fear of doing the lache, not committing to the throw or getting the right momentum to transfer him across and on one of the goes his hands slipped and he landed flat on his back. Continue reading ‘Sweat, Pain & Calluses’

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