Loving the D’s.


David – Running Precision.


As you may, or may not have guessed by the title of this post unless you have a very seedy, perverted mind, it meant the Derby guys were once again back over at the Nottingham Parkour Park. It was just as unexpected as the last time they came over, but at least this time around Rob asked me in the early hours of the morning before I had logged off Facebook that him and some others would be heading over and if I or any other local guys would be out too. I replied saying some had already planned to be out and that I would see him tomorrow afternoon. I had a good feeling about the jam and couldn’t wait to get out there for photography and some light training. The 1pm meet was earlier than I am used to but I made the trip over for them to see another faction practitioners who had come with Rob and Tom too, I recognised a few of them from the Beaster Jam. No Jonathan this week though, they had tried to contact him but he wasn’t replying and so was assumed to be sleeping or just not interested in being out. It sure was a warm, summers day, the  sweltering heat made training unbearable at times and I think the other Derby lot were feeling it the most, being lethargic for most of the session, before training in short bursts with more rest needed.

I think we were all suffering in some way or another, David had pulled shoulders from all the swinging on the poles and muscle up practising. I had surprisingly pulled my forearms from training the day before, a muscle pull which puts you out of training quite easily if you are unable to grip anything due to them. It doesn’t happen often but when it does, you sure know about it and feel rubbish. I decided I would take this opportunity to take lots of photos from the day to let the forearms recover. I got plenty of shots of Rob doing running precisions, standing ones and even got a few shots for myself too seeing as my ankle felt good today. Like all sessions with the Derby guys, there was plenty of gay-innuendos, spanking of asses and manly groping, it seems to go hand in hand with Parkour training, no matter where you are. There was one stage where I don’t recall how it came about but we all ended up pulling on Rob’s stretchy skin and then trying to pick him up by the skin as he laid on the floor…


Matt – Gainer.


There was some interesting running precisions being done today, as well as a few standing ones of substantial distance too. It’s always impressive to see new things being executed, giving others new challenges to aim for within the park. It seems to be no matter how long we train at the park for, there is always something new to do. The Derby boys always do speed runs wherever they train, it seems to be their thing. It’s always fun to see people do a speed run, as no matter how fast and easy you think the set course will be, Continue reading ‘Loving the D’s.’

A Date With Destiny.


Like I have mentioned a few times in  previous entries about my ankle, it’s been nice to get out the house, feel apart of training, see people I haven’t seen in ages and get back on my fitness path. It was tough in the first instance, being so unfit but it has become easier over time. Currently I’m feeling better than I have in a long time and can see and feel the differences too. I am feeling sorry for myself too, because even though I am in constant ankle pain, I have enjoyed being able to do a few vaults and jumps these past couple of months. Once I have been operated on, that will all be taken away from me for many months, the summer months of all times, when people will be the most active, whilst I will be stuck inside bored and in pain. It’s a scary prospect, but again, it has to be done for me to move forward.





Finally, after many unforeseen circumstances and health issues I have encountered along my agonising two and a half years of  waiting for surgery on my right ankle. I now have a date set in stone for my ankle reconstruction surgery. I’m very glad, but in all honesty I hadn’t thought too much about it and had put it to the back of my mind, knowing it would arrive sooner or later, the latter at some stage in the future. Seeing the letter with a time, place and date on it in person is scary, as you know it will happen, it has to happen! I have been suffering from a ongoing, painful ankle ever since I first injured it way back in January 2012 [1]. It took a long time to get initially to the surgery stage, weeks and months of waiting out the ‘sprain’ period which they misdiagnosed and thought all it was, going back and forth to the GP explaining that it wasn’t getting any better and it didn’t feel right. Then trying physiotherapy, which didn’t work at all and then finally getting it to be seen as serious issue with the last resort of seeing a surgeon, who in matter of seconds of examination told me what was wrong and how to fix it. I was told I might not be able to do sports again and had a possibility of it not completely ridding my pain either, which was hard to hear. I had planned to have this surgery back in 2013, though due to other health issues to do with my kidneys, I wasn’t allowed to have it done and so it was postponed until my kidney issue had been investigated and resolved, which took a year to get to the bottom of.

In regards to my kidneys I had started to develop a constant thirst which wouldn’t go away, no matter how much I drank. I’ve always been an active fellow and have always consumed a fair amount of fluids daily, between 1-3 litres. Though now I had started to consume, much, much more… I didn’t know just how much until I started to monitor it and it got to it’s tipping point where I had to have a bottle of water constantly next to me drinking every few minutes. That of course also came with it’s negatives, I was going to toilet to urinate more often than not and got to the stage where I had to go hourly or even every 20 minutes and felt like I couldn’t hold anything in my bladder. It had gotten ridiculous, I was hitting between 7-12 litres of fluid a day, unable to go out, due to fear of not being able to get to a toilet in time. I felt rubbish and drained all the time, I wasn’t even sleeping any more as I was up each hour to go to the toilet even when I hadn’t drank anything which was disrupting my sleeping pattern completely. I had forgotten what it was like to sleep through the night, the amount of fluids was also giving me upset stomachs and constant changing fevers too, not to mention my stomach was distended and the size of a beach ball and wouldn’t go down, it was horrendous. People reading this may be screaming diabetes alert! Though that wasn’t the case as the GP had me tested for it multiple times, it wasn’t a psychosomatic response either, as I couldn’t control it, even if I tried. In the end after many different blood and urine tests I got referred to a specialist to see what they thought to it all, that and they would know much more about conditions involving my symptoms more so than the GP.

While in the waiting stages between appointments and since I had this ‘condition’ I spent most of my time sullen indoors, a hermit and a hairy one at that! I had stopped shaving and being bothered about my appearance and grew an epic beard [2] it was a very depressing and dark time for me, hence why there was a lack of content on my blog for a long time. Weight gain ensued too, I was unfit, lethargic, feeling aches and pains all over, even developing chest pains and heart palpitations and was generally unhappy with life. Thankfully once I had seen the specialist, they sent me off for more delving tests which would be able to confirm if what they though I had (Diabetes Insipidus) was present or not. Even though it has the name diabetes, it’s completely unrelated to the others and only having the increased thirst and urinating in common with it. Continue reading ‘A Date With Destiny.’

Parkering Around.


David – Portrait.


It was Bank Holiday Monday and even though I had been out over the weekend and was pretty tired, I was contemplating going out again today. It didn’t seem like anyone else was interested in going out from looking on the group the night before and so when I woke up just after 1pm, I fought against my better judgement of not going out all together and decided I would take a slow walk over and train for a few hours and to see if David was already there training as he usually did Sundays. I wasn’t expecting anything special, it was my half hearted attempt at trying to go out and train with what energy I had left, better than staying in doing nothing all day right? I had been out each day since Friday and I was feeling worse for wear to say the least, I read a few mentioned they might be out closer to time I was ready to leave, the likes of Adam and Ben. When I arrived at the park I was stunned to find the Derby guys already there training and had been since before 12pm! There had been no posts confirming or even warning us of their presence, I felt a bit cheated. As if I had known, I would have come over earlier and I’m sure many of the other guys would have come out to train with them too. Rob said it was all very much a spontaneous thing and that they didn’t think many others would have been out training, not that they thought to post it up…

I’ve included some images from previous days training sessions as I didn’t take my camera out today and nor did I expect the Derby guys to be out, so sorry for the lack of images of them. Even with my ankle hurting, recently it has been behaving, maybe due to my operation date lingering it wants to give me a taste of the good life and how it should be in regards after surgery and when it’s full healed? I mean, yes it’s still a ticking time bomb when I go out and jump around as I have a time limit before it starts to hurt and give way, but in the mean time I am able to train on it with simple movements which is a great feeling. I’ve been trying to get fitter this year too and slowly but surely my fitness has been increasing, but not at a level I used to be all those years ago. Like any training session that involves the Derby guys, it always turns homoerotic and today was no different. While Jono was practising some handstands in his shorts Matt was quick to point out his ‘bulge’ while doing them and then the jokes came rolling, not fit to disclosed here though, I’m sure you can imagine the sort though…

Another highlight of the day was when Rob was being intimidated by a small child called Max, who was training around the park. We usually seen him most weekends, and on occasions he would take part, trying to do what we did and copying the workouts we did. He seemed to be more confident with people this weekend and spoke and took part in training, rather than watching from afar. Rob was the one being intimidated though, with a running catleap which he was having problems committing too while Max was doing it and he told Rob how easy it is to do, not helping the situation. Rob joked about being put to shame by a kid, it was funny watching him being bullied. Rob did get the running cat in the end and props to him, I was also surprised by his precision jumps, some which I didn’t expect him to do and he did them easily. Continue reading ‘Parkering Around.’

Leicester – Beaster Jam.


Beaster Group Photo.


I had seen that there was a big Parkour gathering planned for Leicester in a few weeks. I had been invited to the event when it was first published but didn’t really think anything more of it, what with having a bad ankle, not that I travel or train much these days, bar for the Parkour Park. Around a week before the event, I did wonder if it would be any good and who would likely to attend, as in the beginning there were many invites but not many people had confirmed except for locals. I wasn’t sure if any of the Nottingham guys were down for going until much later in the week when I heard a few of them were thinking about heading down. I personally wasn’t up for going, paying money to go for a day I might end up hating and not being able to get the most out of training would have enraged me. At the same time though, I felt if I didn’t go I would be jealous of the ones who went and no doubt it would be an awesome day well missed. On the other hand if I went and wasn’t able to train I would feel just as equally annoyed with myself and envious of others who could, any Traceur will know full well when visiting a new city or areas you have the urge to jump whether you are injured or not, and that is a very hard compulsion to fight!

As the invites and confirmed guests raised it got me increasingly contemplating whether to go or not myself, I was swaying more to go but at the same time I had to think realistically about it. It would be great to see some old Leicester faces though, get some nice photography from the day and just be out and about for once like the old days. I saw more and more people I knew from my Facebook confirming they would be going and had numerous people asking if I, myself would be attending too? I did put myself as a maybe after not answering the initial invite, I also replied to a few of the comments in the event too. It wasn’t until later on in the week, like the day before the event I saw that Steve had said he was a maybe too and I decided to ask if he was really considering about attending the training session, he said he would and asked if I was interesting in going too and how I would be going transport wise. I said I had thought about it but was unsure if I would go at all, Steve offered to give myself a lift and drive down and if someone else wanted to come they could too due to seating. With it being so close to the event, I asked Kezza if he wanted to come as we had all trained the day before and then with that, it was decided and we spoke about what time to meet and where for the morning.


Steve – Box Precision.


I woke up early for this weekend’s extravaganza, I went downstairs to feed the cats and while checking very briefly online I see a message already sent for Steve asking if I was awake and ready for the day ahead and if I’ve heard from Kezza yet, who had also messed me about being already up and ready. I liked a few posts and made a comment in the event to which James liked too and then messaged me about being up so early, I was shocked to see him active on Facebook at this time, after he always arrives at training sessions at around 1pm or later. I told him I had woke up to go to toilet and feed the cats and had a quick look online before hitting the hay again, not a lie as such only a slight embellishment of the truth and with that I logged off and left James to get ready for his day ahead. Continue reading ‘Leicester – Beaster Jam.’

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