Beards, Flips & Portraits.


Yaz – Portrait.


I was excited for training today and wanted to make sure I was awake and on time to the jam for once, something I seemed to be ahead of schedule with today.  I managed to get out the house and into town before the one o’clock meet up made my way to Plaza to find Mat sitting eating his food, shortly followed by Pete and Blair entering the area and then Ben, Daniel and Kriss and finally Yaz arriving with his stubble beard which he wanted everyone’s opinions on. If enough people liked it then he might keep it depending on the verdicts. I thought it suited him really well, as did other people, most seemed to agree he should keep it… All apart from James who said it made him look scummy like a homeless man and it isn’t how he should look. He needs to shave it off to look like a Bollywood movie star and not some rough, dodgy looking guy.

People trained at Plaza, while I did my biggest training to date… Talking, moving from person to person catching up on current events. It was great to see another James out today too, I hadn’t seen him out for years but was glad he had decided to come to a Saturday training session again for the banter and manly jumping around. Out of no where Denis had arrived, the person I least expected to come out training! He made sure people were aware he had only come out to socialize and not train, he was already hating the ‘swarm’ of people out which crowded the areas we were at. Zain arrived later on, as did Elliot to complete the old school vibe. While I was chatting to other people I heard James, Denis, Yaz and Zain talking about his beard and mention my name and honed in to that conversation as I looked over towards them making a mental note for later.

Later on while over talking with them I randomly asked what they were talking about and why they mentioned my beard and they all burst out laughing, asking how the hell did I had even hear that when I was over the other side of the area? That and the fact I am able to take a mental note then use it later on like a robot or a Sherlock type memory able to recall all details in full. One reason no doubt I am able to recall and write a vivid, high amount in these blogs, while writing an entry. It was a nice day so far, until the regular security guy came out to move everyone away from the area. We moved across the road to the Atrium area instead where the group split with some people going to IBM, some to Mansion Studios and the rest remaining at Atrium.


Holbrook – Precision.


I got my camera out to take some photos although I wasn’t overly feeling photography today and captured very few shots compared to normal. A couple of portraits of Yaz and his stubble beard and other portraits with some tricking shots later on in the day. I did experiment with trying to get a shot of the guys doing a precision on the rails (seen above) but couldn’t find the right angle for it, unlike Ben and James who got really nice angles of it. I also missed an opportunity of a shot while some of the guys were on the roof, Continue reading ‘Beards, Flips & Portraits.’

Keep Rolling.


Night Scene.


Today I woke up at around ten o’clock with all intentions of getting up, ready to seize the day. I wanted to get some fresh air, see everyone again and capture some photography too while out. I tried not to fall back asleep as I lolled in the bed in a half awoken state. Sadly, that is exactly what happened to me and it wasn’t until one o’clock that I managed to raise from my second slumber and make it out of the bed this time. I didn’t overly want to be out today now and felt it was too late to make my way to training, even though I had planned to go earlier in the morning when I first woke up with plenty of time to spare.

I got ready at a snails pace and it was soon, close to two o’clock. I was ready to leave, still in two minds to whether to go or not… I quickly spoke with Elliot on Facebook chat how I was tempted to go out and he was too, I said shall we both just go out anyway? He say we could do, although he felt too lazy to venture out and with that the conversation ended. Kinga was already heading out and said I shouldn’t be a lazy bitch and get ready and go too, right now! Just as I was closing all the windows down Yaz popped up and said he had only just woken up after being up all night gaming and asked if I was out or knew who else was? I told him who I thought was out but never got a response as it seemed he had already set off in a rush, and with that I did too.

I walked past Plaza where no one was to be seen and saw Kinga up at IBM on her lonesome while a group of people were training within the area. It was a collection of people, SM (Street Media), guys from Derby, some Leeds people and other mixed bag of people too. George said the rest of the people were up at Mansion Studios and their group were now moving to Audo area. I walked up to walked up to the place of many windows to meet the rest of the group, seeing as no one answered their phones or text back to let me know where they were at. I was quite surprised with the amount of people out training today, it was good to see so many out. They were all doing some challenges on the roofing, Continue reading ‘Keep Rolling.’

A Cold Winter’s Day.


Front Tuck.


After last weeks really awesome jam, I decided I might attend again this weekend and so I made sure I got ready to venture out into the freezing cold weather in hope of having another great time at training. I arrived at Plaza a bit before two o’clock to find Yaz speaking with Howard and a few others jumping and flipping around the area. What was more bizarre is Howard’s choice of being out in only a t-shirt and shivering to death, admitting he was stoned most of the night and the morning and so he didn’t really think about how to come out to training because he had seen the sun shining and thought that meant it was going to be a warm day, which it wasn’t and soon enough he pointed out he isn’t used to such cold climates being from Hong Kong.

Most of the regular Trent Parkour guys weren’t out training, it wasn’t long until everyone was wanting to head over to Saint Ann’s to train and look for new places to train at. We followed suit and walked to Vic Centre where the rest of the guys wanted decided to train on the roof there before setting off. Jp stayed with the new guys and then we made our way over into Snienton to train while the others continued their roof top antics. It was so cold to move around and so cold it was hard to take photos of people training as it felt like my hands were about to fall off at any given moment. I took a few shots and got some really nice ones of Jp doing a running upwards crane and Yaz doing catleap on the same wall while the sun beamed down on him.


Jp – Running Crane.


Phil was going to be late due to getting a ‘haircut’ and so was on his way to us. I took some artistic shots of the creeper in the area, Zain’s trainers while he stood on the wall facing the sun. I also tried to get my external flash to work but had no idea why it wouldn’t work and flash while taking photos. Zain and Yaz trolled me saying I am obviously not that good of a photographer – if I have no idea how to work it. It wasn’t until getting home that I realized I wasn’t allowed to have the screen of the camera open and instead had to do everything through the viewfinder for the flash to work as I wanted. Continue reading ‘A Cold Winter’s Day.’

First Session of 2014!


Parkour Hotspot – Urine Nation.


With my sleep pattern well and truly messed up I was in two minds if I would even be awake in time to go out to Saturday’s training session. I had only had three hours sleep Thursday night and then for the rest of Friday I felt extremely drained and hoped that would make me be able to have a good nights sleep and wake up at a more acceptable time for the weekend training session. I crashed to bed a little before ten and then slept easily until 4am, at which time I felt wide awake like I should get up due to having enough sleep. I decided to go back to sleep and woke up at 8am before lolling and sleeping lightly until 10am when I finally got up and had enough of my bed and sleeping. I arose to see it was terrible, rainy weather outdoors, this was normally the case as it would be fine all week long and then be rubbish come the weekend! The weather never helps my mood, nor does it make me motived to go out to the session. I wasn’t expecting many, if anyone, to be out today in this dreadful weather, though I had seen that Pete had already made a status about him being out and had tagged the rest of us to see who else was up for being out too. So far only Phil had replied saying he would be out and a few others from U:R. I didn’t get a reply on Facebook chat for the Bulgarian moaner Denis, nor did I get a response from Yaz, no doubt both still in dream world and with that I got ready to go out.

I arrived at Plaza a little after one o’clock and was surprised with just how many people had attended and were training today, considering the weather. It was wet but like all rainy days it seemed like it would be a day spent under the Crowne Plaza car park. Zain arrived and stated that he was here before anyone arrived and so he went for a walk around town before coming back later in hope that people would be out training by then. Pete text James to inform him, he was missing the homoerotic banter and myself at the training session and then I used his phone to sent a message telling James to hurry the hell up as he never arrives on time and is always late and then he wonders why he doesn’t feel the burn at the end of the day or understand why people want to leave early. Pete also text Yaz, but needless to say he didn’t get a reply back and with that I joined Zain for some friendly banter and a few light vaults over the blue railings and some skipping to loosen up and feel warmer. Zain was vaulting the rail, doing a lazy vault then went straight into a roll, while he practised this all I heard was a slip of a trainer and myself and Pete turned around to see Zain sprawled out on the floor with a groan of failure from slipping on the floor.


Ben – Portrait.


James came bounding into Plaza and was ready to train but not before some cheeky banter, trolling and a general chitchat. Zain decided he would try and tackle me as I skipped or even as I vaulted the rails, a ridiculous idea. He said we should try and vault and fight each other as we did so, and as I joke I went along with it and did a speed vault kicking him in the forehead slightly, and that was the end of that little game! I was next to Pete who was sat on top of the wall feeling uneasy, even more so when I pretended to grab his feet, while Zain wanted to actually pull on his feet and use them to help him climb up… Continue reading ‘First Session of 2014!’

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