Parkering Around.


David – Portrait.


It was Bank Holiday Monday and even though I had been out over the weekend and was pretty tired, I was contemplating going out again today. It didn’t seem like anyone else was interested in going out from looking on the group the night before and so when I woke up just after 1pm, I fought against my better judgement of not going out all together and decided I would take a slow walk over and train for a few hours and to see if David was already there training as he usually did Sundays. I wasn’t expecting anything special, it was my half hearted attempt at trying to go out and train with what energy I had left, better than staying in doing nothing all day right? I had been out each day since Friday and I was feeling worse for wear to say the least, I read a few mentioned they might be out closer to time I was ready to leave, the likes of Adam and Ben. When I arrived at the park I was stunned to find the Derby guys already there training and had been since before 12pm! There had been no posts confirming or even warning us of their presence, I felt a bit cheated. As if I had known, I would have come over earlier and I’m sure many of the other guys would have come out to train with them too. Rob said it was all very much a spontaneous thing and that they didn’t think many others would have been out training, not that they thought to post it up…

I’ve included some images from previous days training sessions as I didn’t take my camera out today and nor did I expect the Derby guys to be out, so sorry for the lack of images of them. Even with my ankle hurting, recently it has been behaving, maybe due to my operation date lingering it wants to give me a taste of the good life and how it should be in regards after surgery and when it’s full healed? I mean, yes it’s still a ticking time bomb when I go out and jump around as I have a time limit before it starts to hurt and give way, but in the mean time I am able to train on it with simple movements which is a great feeling. I’ve been trying to get fitter this year too and slowly but surely my fitness has been increasing, but not at a level I used to be all those years ago. Like any training session that involves the Derby guys, it always turns homoerotic and today was no different. While Jono was practising some handstands in his shorts Matt was quick to point out his ‘bulge’ while doing them and then the jokes came rolling, not fit to disclosed here though, I’m sure you can imagine the sort though…

Another highlight of the day was when Rob was being intimidated by a small child called Max, who was training around the park. We usually seen him most weekends, and on occasions he would take part, trying to do what we did and copying the workouts we did. He seemed to be more confident with people this weekend and spoke and took part in training, rather than watching from afar. Rob was the one being intimidated though, with a running catleap which he was having problems committing too while Max was doing it and he told Rob how easy it is to do, not helping the situation. Rob joked about being put to shame by a kid, it was funny watching him being bullied. Rob did get the running cat in the end and props to him, I was also surprised by his precision jumps, some which I didn’t expect him to do and he did them easily. Continue reading ‘Parkering Around.’

Leicester – Beaster Jam.


Beaster Group Photo.


I had seen that there was a big Parkour gathering planned for Leicester in a few weeks. I had been invited to the event when it was first published but didn’t really think anything more of it, what with having a bad ankle, not that I travel or train much these days, bar for the Parkour Park. Around a week before the event, I did wonder if it would be any good and who would likely to attend, as in the beginning there were many invites but not many people had confirmed except for locals. I wasn’t sure if any of the Nottingham guys were down for going until much later in the week when I heard a few of them were thinking about heading down. I personally wasn’t up for going, paying money to go for a day I might end up hating and not being able to get the most out of training would have enraged me. At the same time though, I felt if I didn’t go I would be jealous of the ones who went and no doubt it would be an awesome day well missed. On the other hand if I went and wasn’t able to train I would feel just as equally annoyed with myself and envious of others who could, any Traceur will know full well when visiting a new city or areas you have the urge to jump whether you are injured or not, and that is a very hard compulsion to fight!

As the invites and confirmed guests raised it got me increasingly contemplating whether to go or not myself, I was swaying more to go but at the same time I had to think realistically about it. It would be great to see some old Leicester faces though, get some nice photography from the day and just be out and about for once like the old days. I saw more and more people I knew from my Facebook confirming they would be going and had numerous people asking if I, myself would be attending too? I did put myself as a maybe after not answering the initial invite, I also replied to a few of the comments in the event too. It wasn’t until later on in the week, like the day before the event I saw that Steve had said he was a maybe too and I decided to ask if he was really considering about attending the training session, he said he would and asked if I was interesting in going too and how I would be going transport wise. I said I had thought about it but was unsure if I would go at all, Steve offered to give myself a lift and drive down and if someone else wanted to come they could too due to seating. With it being so close to the event, I asked Kezza if he wanted to come as we had all trained the day before and then with that, it was decided and we spoke about what time to meet and where for the morning.


Steve – Box Precision.


I woke up early for this weekend’s extravaganza, I went downstairs to feed the cats and while checking very briefly online I see a message already sent for Steve asking if I was awake and ready for the day ahead and if I’ve heard from Kezza yet, who had also messed me about being already up and ready. I liked a few posts and made a comment in the event to which James liked too and then messaged me about being up so early, I was shocked to see him active on Facebook at this time, after he always arrives at training sessions at around 1pm or later. I told him I had woke up to go to toilet and feed the cats and had a quick look online before hitting the hay again, not a lie as such only a slight embellishment of the truth and with that I logged off and left James to get ready for his day ahead. Continue reading ‘Leicester – Beaster Jam.’

Double Chins, Flab Packs & Freezes.


Elliot – Handstand.


Seeing as the Monday’s fitness session had been a total washout due to the intense rain, the plan had changed to going out today (Tuesday) as it was predicted to be a sunnier day weather wise. Which meant it would be time to get a decent training session from the day with no interruptions of rain. Sark was set to be out, that was until he messaged me a little before I was ready to leave the house saying that he might not be able to be out today after all. I was unsure if Kezza would be out training, as he always says he will be, but then is never out due to sleeping into the early evening… So it was a pleasant surprise to find him already at the park once I arrived a little before two, he had been there thirty minutes before I got there only because he got a lift to the Park. Speaking of early Brendon had been there since half past ten this morning, training on his lonesome!

It was a lovely, warm, sunny day and the park was packed with kids who too were out training and so it looked like we wouldn’t get much time to train if it remains that way. The kids in the area littered the place with their scooters and bikes, some sat on the obstacles, generally being in the way which is annoying in itself when you wanted to use objects. I have no issue with people training, but be realistic when others are using it to train and use a different area to loiter. One of the things which amazed me today was seeing Brendon do a kong precision on the small stumps in the area, that blew my mind as I hadn’t seen anyone do that as of yet. It had opened up other possibilities, kong related now too. Kezza was equally in awe and we both tried to do them ourselves, ending with us doing a straddle vault over them. It was a total mindfuck to get our brains around how to do the movement and not deviate from straddle vaulting, likewise for doing diving kongs to them too. Brendon left around 3pm just as Ben was riding across the field with his windswept hair, shortly followed by Elliot and Fernando who were walking across at the same time too. The group was slowly growing, unlike how it was when I first arrived.
Continue reading ‘Double Chins, Flab Packs & Freezes.’

Lenses, Portraits & Handstands.


Parrish – Portrait.


Another weekend and another week I went out training, I arrived to the jam a bit later than normal to find Plaza desolate apart from Pete and Adrian of all people, who had mentioned he may venture out due to his new camera he had. It was strange to see the area so quite and even stranger still to see Adrian out, his hair was so long now almost as much as my own. He was busy snapping away and I had to make sure to dodge the ambush of burst shots he was taking while walking around. It wasn’t too long before Yaz arrived with Abdur and was equally shocked about Adrian’s presence and asked who are you? I thought you had died?! It was good to see Abdur out again too as it has been years since I had last seen him so it was good to catch up and see how he has improved since last we trained. Phil, James and Zain arrived one after the other to the quieter session and with seeing as there wasn’t many of us out we were deciding where we should go next. Phil said he was feeling forest as was I, seeing as some of the community was talking about visiting that spot again since it has been revamped and its a vast area to spend most the day at.

Just as we were leaving, Holbrook arrived and seemed rather deflated that people were wanting to go there as if he had known he would have just got off the bus while on his way into town as SM were already there and had text for him to join them. Yaz was the most reluctant about the journey and James didn’t seem to want to travel too far either. We made our slow walk to Forest to meet the others there, little did we know some of the Trent Parkour people had arrived in town to train hours after the meet up time. They couldn’t find any practitioners even after looking at the areas we know we usually train at (this is one of the reasons we have a set meet up time, so you know where people are if you have no form of contact and so we remain in a group, together) I guess some people never think of that and accept we will always be in the city centre and the usual spots week in week out. It was the second week in a row we had visited the Forest Recreational Ground, I guess after hearing good things about it the previous week it made others want to check it out this weekend too.


James – Portrait.


Parrish and the SM guys were doing some crazy movements as they always do, crazy strides, diving kongs and precisions. Joe let me borrow his zoom lens to see what I thought to it, it was frigging awesome compared to bog standard 18-55mm lens I was used too. I so need to get myself some new glass for my camera in the future so I can create some different looking shots and expand my portfolio. Eddie was sizing up a downwards, diagonal double kong over the walls people usually did a kong precision. Continue reading ‘Lenses, Portraits & Handstands.’

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